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Modern takes a look at a collection of automatic data capture, ADC, products.

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High-performance scanners read bar codes on the move
A line of industrial bar code scanners has been expanded to include the SR61THP high-performance scanner, the SR61TXR extra range scanner, and the SR61T2D industrial range imager. The motion-tolerant units feature illumination and a red laser aimed to quickly read bar codes at top speeds and in multiple colors. The extra range device’s scan engine reads long-range 2D bar codes both near and far. All scanners in the line include laser aimers and 2D near/far long-range optics, the ability to capture videos, and transmission of images over a full speed USB 2.0 interface. Intermec, 800-347-2636,

Vehicle-mounted, voice-directed system improves productivity
To accelerate productivity and accuracy, improve ergonomics, and reduce operational costs with vehicle-based workflows, the vehicle mount Talkman terminal directs workers with voice. Eliminating the need for paper, screens and keyboards—and the need to look away from the vehicle path—the system includes software, a voice appliance, vehicle mounting hardware, power adapters and wireless headset. With the system mounted to and powered from the vehicle, users can move freely within a 20- to 30-foot radius of the vehicle to perform tasks. Once installed, any voice unit can move between a vehicle-mounted configuration and a body-worn device with no tools or specialized training. Vocollect, 412-349-2515,

Rugged handheld computer upgradable with open source computing platform
Offering the ability to co-create adaptable solutions, the Omnii modular mobile computing platform employs open source mobility to a new line of modular, rugged handheld devices. The customizable approach addresses technology obsolescence by enabling the devices to be re-configurable and re-purposed in the field as needs change. The system is included on the Omnii XT10 ultra rugged, modular handheld computer, which features an IP65 and a 2.0-meter drop rating, powerful processor, and extended battery life. Psion Teklogix, 800-322-3437,

Centralized deployment of voice applications across multiple warehouses
Version 4.0 of enterprise voice manager software for voice picking and other warehouse operations has been released. New features enable deployment and management of voice picking applications from a single instance of software in a central data center across many warehouses—even when warehouse layouts vary and voice workflows differ per facility. This approach reduces total cost of ownership. Other functional enhancements to the system’s order picking, replenishment, and putaway applications are included, along with additional support for devices from Intermec, LXE and Motorola. Voxware, 609-514-4100,

Automatic tracking of lift trucks, loads
The VisiblEdge lift truck tracking solution automates data capture of lift trucks and their loads through a combination of data collection devices, load detection sensors, and optical positioning. As lift truck fleets and loads move, software automatically captures and tracks the physical movements for real-time visibility of status and location of goods and materials handling assets. The system includes RFID or optical tags for identification; optical or RFID readers, antennas, power converter and distribution, cables, and proximity sensor devices to capture location information; and software to analyze data. Rush Tracking Systems, 913-227-0922,

Speech recognition platform cuts training time
To reduce training time by more than 75% compared to conventional warehouse voice technology, the Serenade speech recognition platform is offered as part of the Jennifer VoicePlus voice picking system. The enhancement improves accuracy and saves time, permitting individual users go through a 5-minute enrollment process rather than 25 to 30 minutes of voice training. Incorporating adaptive voice modeling, the system also advanced noise filtering and suppression techniques, while supporting speech recognition for dozens of languages. Lucas Systems, 724-940-7000,

Miniature bar code scanner for tight spaces
Barely larger than a USB plug, a new line of miniature bar code scanners has been launched. The CLV500 series scanners are easily installed in extremely limited spaces, while offering easy configuration through an online tool. Features include high decoding performance, large depth-of-field, and a high scanning frequency of 1,000 Hz, making it suitable for conveyor speeds of up to 16.4 feet per second. SICK, 800-325-7425,

Compact, high performance RFID reader module
Ideal for adding RFID to stationary and mobile devices, the 1-watt, four-port Mercury 6e (M6e) UHF RFID module can be used as the platform for developing fixed/finished RFID readers. The module offers the RFID tag read/range and power management performance standards of full size RFID readers, but is small and efficient for use in multiple mobile applications. Features include multi-protocol support to handle several applications with a single module, greater read range for multi-antenna reader configurations, and compatibility with global applications. The module measures 2.7 x 1.7 x 0.3 inches and has built-in thermal management, four antenna ports, and an RFID tag read rate of up to 400 tags per second at a distance of more than 30 feet. ThingMagic, 866-833-4069,

Handheld bar code terminal runs Windows Mobile
The wireless BHT-710BWB-WM bar code scanner terminal is a robust mobile computer that sports the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. Its smart-device capabilities enable use in field operations, transportation and logistics, and retail and manufacturing. Features include a 624 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, Bluetooth, high-security WLAN (802.11a/b/g) wireless coverage, and 12 hours of continuous wireless communication from one battery. For reliable reading of high-density or poorly printed bar codes, the terminal includes advanced image-scanning software. Durable, the magnesium-alloy frame survives drops up to 5 feet. Denso ADC, 800-264-9573,

Middleware manages asset movement data
For delivery of real-time asset movement information, eP360 distributed Internet-based middleware ties together RFID and/or bar code browser-based technologies. The software collects, assembles, integrates and delivers data automatically. Applications include management of reusable containers, replenishment items, warehouse items, and multi-facility asset management of tools, supplies and products. For ease of retrieval, all data is centrally held in a SQL transaction database. Scalable, the software may be hosted remotely or onsite. It can also operate as a standalone system or integrate into a larger enterprise resource planning system. The Kennedy Group, 440-951-7660,

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