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Pack Expo 2010 will be held Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 at Chicago's McCormick Place. Here, Modern and Material Handling Product News preview some of the materials handling products slated to appear at the show.

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Cargo scale for class II, III lift trucks
Mountable directly to any class II or class III lift truck to save floor space, the CLS cargo lift scale weighs loads in transit. The scale system is offered in two models that install within the cab either wirelessly or hard-wired. Both versions include printing capability and are legal for trade in commercial settings. Rice Lake Weighing Systems, 800-472-6703,, Booth #7009.

High-speed palletizing robot with 308-pound capacity
The M-410iB/140H high-speed palletizing robot is ideal for high-capacity production in bag and box palletizing operations. Offering a 308-pound (140 kilogram) payload capacity, the robot’s slim arm and wrist minimize interference with tooling and other peripheral devices. Its compact size allows it to work in small spaces with low ceiling heights. FANUC Robotics America, 800-477-6268, Booth #N3406

Re-engineered palletizer has smaller footprint
Handling up to 60 cartons per minute, the upgraded SPLXc palletizer offers a smaller footprint than the previous model, with a 30% reduction in length and a 20% reduction in width. Features include an enhanced rake that uses belt drive systems for smoother, more energy-efficient product handling, and an upgraded hoist for quieter, faster pallet change out. For speedier installation, a cantilever live-roller and compact in-feed belt are combined. Options include an in-feed conveyor connected to the unit’s open back pallet dispenser for staging of pallet stacks, and an integrated Wulftec WCA-100 automatic turntable stretch wrapper that wraps 50 loads per hour. vonGAL, 334-261-2700,  Booth #S452

Matte finish rack label holders scan-able
SuperScan extra large label holders feature a special matte finish to ensure accurate bar code scanning. Offered with both laser and inkjet compatible inserts that load from the side of the holder, the holders are ideal for pallet rack applications. Holders may be secured to racking with self-adhesive backing or magnets for easy relocation. Aigner Index, 845-562-4510,, Booth #4807.

Palletizer offers layout, pattern flexibility
The Alvey 890 mid-speed case palletizer forms virtually any pattern with a range of package types and sizes on a variety of pallet types. Equipped with a standard pattern creation utility that has been enhanced to meet complex pattern requirements, the palletizer can build four different layer configurations in one load. Capable of rates up to 75 cases per minute, the unit features a compact footprint, flexible front and side discharge configurations, enhanced diagnostics and alarm history, low noise levels, Ethernet communication capabilities, and enhanced safety guarding with Category 3 controls. Intelligrated, 866-936-7300,, Booth #S-2266.

Simultaneously stretch wrap, weigh pallet loads
The Wrap-n-Weigh pallet stretch wrapper combines wrapping and weighing into one operation by integrating a precision scale and digital controls with either high- or low-profile turntables. The semi-automatic wrapper features full-powered pre-stretch, user-friendly controls, powder coated paint, turntable jog control, banding carriage pause control, and photoelectric load height sensing. Forklift portable, the maximum load height is 83 inches for the low-profile model, and 74 inches for the high-profile model. Based on three top and three bottom wraps, average cycle time is 2 minutes. ARPAC Group, 847-678-4871, Booth #S-400.

Enhanced version of container tracking software released
The latest version of container tracking software, CAPS-TRAC 3.0, tracks assets and rented returnable containers for improved fleet visibility, reduced container loss and accountability in supply chain loss and damage. The new version includes more user-friendly features, Web-style interface, integration with other existing business and supply chain software systems, and enhanced reporting. The online solution is accessible from any Internet-connected computer, with data backed up in a secure offsite location to ensure stability. Container and Pooling Solutions, 888-873-2277,, Booth #5223.

Orbital stretch wrapper mounts to forklift
Yellow Jacket 110 series orbital stretch wrap machines secure standard, oversized or odd-shaped palletized loads while they rest on the forks of a lift truck. The device’s simplified construction requires minimal machine maintenance. For fast, easy film loading, an ergonomic film carriage is included. Offered as a manual machine, it may be converted to semi-automatic as application needs change. GaleWrap, 866-425-3727,,, Booth #1912.

Inflatable truck dunnage bags secure loads in transit
For bracing trailer loads to avoid damage from shifting, Air-Lock truck dunnage bags offer a sustainable, security-sensitive solution. Constructed of a see-through material for enhanced visibility, the dunnage provides a low cost alternative to kraft paper or vinyl (PVC) bags. Features include a highly conforming structure and cling effect when used with stretch films to reduce product migration. They inflate with a valve and seal closed quickly. Inflatable Packaging, 203-426-2900,, Booth #8216.

Stretch wrapper system uses less film
No film break (NFB) stretch wrapping machines use a film delivery system that seamlessly and consistently wraps loads without breakage. Offered on two models—the RS-6000 and NFB S-automatic—the technology secures loads with twice the containment force as conventional wrappers. The system lowers film costs by requiring fewer revolutions to stabilize loads, translating into a reduction of 30% less film used. By requiring fewer equipment adjustments, the unit also provides more uptime. Lantech, 800-866-0322,, Booth #3606.

Pack 10 cases per minute with no changeover
The GSL10 horizontal case packer handles up to 10 cases per minute and does not require part changes to accommodate different case sizes. Main machine movement is directed through servo-motors with all drivers controlled with soft PLC technology. Depending on the application, cases can be closed with tape or hot-melt glue. MG America, 973-808-8185,, Booth #E-6645.

High-capacity spiral conveyors
Continuously conveying full and empty bottles, cans, jars and similar containers up or down are mass flow spiral conveyors. The conveyor’s small footprint yields space savings. Equipped with extended in- and out-feed tangents to facilitate smooth side transfer to and from external conveyors, the spirals come with 12-, 16- or 20-inch wide slats. Capacities reach 2,000 bottles or cans per minute. Powdered coated carbon steel, stainless steel and washdown finishes may be specified. Ryson, 757-898-1530,, Booth #4634.

Multipacker reduces packaging waste
The continuous motion Tritium multipacker includes the RoboWand programmable path wrapping section for enhanced versatility, ease of changeover, and finished product quality. The system uses single, double and triple lane configurations to arrange products in compact patterns for wrapping in film. With an infinite number of paths, the RoboWand can be programmed to handle packages of any size for shorter changeover times and no changeover of parts. It works at varying speeds and provides precise, tight wrapping without trays and pads, cutting packaging material consumption. Standard-Knapp, 860-342-1100,, Booth #N-4106.

Printer-applicator prints, encodes and applies RFID labels
The model 5300rfid label printer-applicator prints, encodes, verifies and applies pressure-sensitive RFID smart labels to cartons and pallet loads in one automatic operation. As the label is printed, the integrated encoder simultaneously transfers digital information to the ultra-high frequency (UHF) transponder embedded in the pressure-sensitive label material. If the system determines that a tag is unverifiable, it rejects the label prior to application. The printer includes thermal/thermal-transfer print-encode engines to produce imprints with text, bar codes and graphics at 203 or 300 dpi. Depending upon the print engine, labels can measure up to 5 x 6 inches and output at speeds up to 12 inches per second. Weber Marking Systems, 847-364-8500,, Booth #2347.

Palletize 180 dairy cases on two pallets per minute
Capable of handling plastic and wood pallets, the dairy case palletizing system palletizes two full pallets per minute. Each pallet holds nine stacks of cases, stacked six high, or 54 cases per pallet. Constructed of all stainless steel materials, it is ideal for the wash-down environments. Westfalia Technologies, 800-673-2522,, Booth #N-4371.

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