PMMI releases new mechatronics certification test

Mechanical Components 2 expands upon principles and application of mechanical components.

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PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, has released a new Mechatronics Certification test – Mechanical Components 2.

PMMI’s Mechatronics Certification tests help manufacturers identify levels of competency for new candidates and assess the capabilities of current employees. The release of this new test completes the second level of PMMI’s Mechatronics Certifications.

The Mechanical Components 2 certification exam builds upon the knowledge assessed in Mechanical Components 1 by evaluating the candidate’s mastery of the principles and application of mechanical components such as clutches, brakes, gear boxes, transmissions, ball screws, and linear components. It also tests competencies in sealing, lubricants and automated lubrication, precision alignment and timing, vibration analysis and the use of video to troubleshoot mechanical systems.

This certification is aimed at intermediate-level technicians and technologists who may be involved in the assembly, test, startup, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair or upgrade of mechanically complex processing, packaging or manufacturing machinery. Candidates must have already successfully earned the Industrial Mechanics 1 certification, or its equivalent, before taking the Mechanical Components 2 exam.

“This certification will help employers to identify individuals who can support the operation of mechanical components on sophisticated equipment,” said Stephan Girard, PMMI director of workforce development. “Technicians who have this certification have the demonstrated knowledge necessary to serve the needs of industry.”

PMMI Mechatronics Certifications are recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers’ Skills Certification System. This series of exams is related to the four general technology areas of mechatronics as practiced in industrial maintenance, including electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and controls and computer science.

Click here for additional information about PMMI’s newly released Mechatronics Certification test, Mechanical Components 2. The cost to take the test is $125.

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