SencorpWhite announces intent to purchase Intek Integration Technologies

SencorpWhite’s White Systems brand and Intek have been collaborating in the material handling industry for the past 30 years.

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SencorpWhite, a global leader in customized, end-to-end solutions for automated packaging and AS/RS systems, announced today that it intends to acquire Intek Integration Technologies Inc., a company specializing in software that helps manufacturers and distributors better manage their warehouses, inventory levels and supply chains.

SencorpWhite’s White Systems brand and Intek have been collaborating in the material handling industry for the past 30 years.

The acquisition will allow White Systems customers to benefit from more coordinated product offerings, tighter solution integration and strengthened collaboration.

Integrating White brand AS/RS solutions with Intek’s Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) will offer customers:

• New supply chain management options. Intek’s Supply Chain Execution platform complements White’s automated storage and retrieval systems, allowing White Systems to provide a comprehensive selection of hardware and software designed to improve system performance and flexibility.

• Enhanced customer service. Intek will continue operations in the Northwest, allowing both Massachusetts-based White Systems and Intek to deepen and extend service and engineering support coast to coast.

• Shared history and expertise. White Systems and Intek have a 30-year history of working together in the material handling industry.

“Intek and White Systems have been working together for three decades to provide powerful, flexible solutions,” said Chris Lingamfelter, President, White Systems. “The breadth and depth of the Intek Supply Chain Execution platform is a strong addition to the White solution set, and this acquisition will allow us to continue to deliver complete, integrated business solutions for our valued clients.”

“As advanced automation has become the norm in all distribution sectors, we see distinct advantages to more freely integrating White automation systems with Intek supply chain execution software,” says Mac Cutchins, chairman and CEO at Intek. “The synergy of our two companies will bring formidable and flexible automation solutions to all distribution tiers, creating more robust competitive advantage in the industry.  Already a longtime partner to White, we at Intek see this enhanced level of cooperation as an engine for substantive evolution in both distribution automation and supply chain execution at our companies.”

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