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Plant/Facility Equipment listings:
Major Partitions
Mars Air Systems
1 (978) 768-3000
Mezzanine Safeti-Gates
Minit Charger
National Cart Company
1 (800) 989-2235
1 (856) 727-1100
Orion Energy Systems Inc. 
Pacline Overhead Conveyors
PFlow Industries, Inc.


6720 N. Teutonia Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209
United States
1 (414) 352-9000
1 (414) 352-9000

1 (215) 616-0390
Philadelphia Scientific
Pintsch Bubenzer USA
Pobco Plastics
Phone: +1 719-275-7471
Powered Aire Inc. 
Premier Compaction Systems, LLC
  • Solid Waste Equipment Engineering: Premier Facility
  • Management: Can Provide the following services, which may be applied to your facility (s) to achieve stability in solid waste management. Our programs are strategically planned with flexibility for changing regulations and a direction toward compliance. We handle design and installation of new, highly efficient compaction conveyor waste systems, baling and shredding equipment.
  • Services Plant logistics and Design
  • Refurbish Used Equipment Sustainability Compliance
  • Signs and Labels Compactor and Baler Repairs
  • Waste Area Design Compactors/Equipment Upgrades
  • Waste Equipment Design and Installation Baler Installation and Services
  • Waste Receptacle Area Design Education/Employee Orientation
  • Rental and Lease Programs
264 Lackawanna Ave
Woodland park, New Jersey 07424
United States

1 (508) 222-0177
Presto Lifts
PS Doors
Ralphs-Pugh Co.
Randall Manufacturing
Rasco Industries, Inc. 
1 (800) 553-5560
Rite-Hite Machine Guarding
Romla Ventilator Co. 
Rubb Building Systems
1 (978) 772-0480
RubbAir Door Div.

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