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Scales & Weighing Equipment listings:
1 (847) 884-1940
1 (507) 238-4461
Avery Weigh-Tronix
Bizerba USA Inc.
1 (503) 669-6300
Cascade Corporation
1 (972) 346-2242
Cousins Packaging Inc.
1 (801) 451-7000
Flexco Industries Inc. 
i-Lift Equipment Ltd.
Interthor, Inc. 
Measurement Systems International
1 (315) 437-8475
Morse Manufacturing Company
OCS Checkweighers
1 (800) 472-6703
Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Sterling Scale Co., Inc.
1 (513) 353-4306
1 (502) 266-2699
(702) 450-0808
Weighpack Systems

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In Whirlpool Corp.’s Clyde, Ohio, factory, mobile robots have automated the delivery of parts to the line. The result is a more consistent, efficient and safer operation.
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In Whirlpool Corp.’s Clyde, Ohio, factory, mobile robots have automated the delivery of parts to...
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