By Jeff Berman · October 3, 2017
Four of the nation’s foremost experts in the market help shippers better understand the current state of the nation’s ever-complex and competitive rail and intermodal network.
By Jeff Berman · October 6, 2017
Carloads fell 2.3%, or 24,106, annually to 1,044,563, and Intermodal volumes in September headed up 3.8%, or 39,482 units, to 1,080,444 containers and trailers.
By LM Staff · September 29, 2017
U.S. carloads were down 2% annually to 263,200, and intermodal containers and trailers headed up 5.1% to 285,004, which set a new weekly record.
By Jeff Berman · September 22, 2017
Carloads fell 3.6% to 260,771, and intermodal containers and trailers saw a slight gain, rising 0.9% to 270,003.
By Jeff Berman · September 8, 2017
The month of August was a bit of a mixed bag for United States rail carload and intermodal volumes, with carloads down slightly and intermodal having its best volume month ever, according to data issued this week by the Association of American Railroads (AAR).
By Jeff Berman · September 8, 2017
The case against freight railroad reciprocal switching is alive and well based on a letter from the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit libertarian think tank, to leadership at U.S. Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee.
By LM Staff · September 1, 2017
Carloads increased 1% annually to 272,153, and intermodal containers and trailers were up 3.6% annually at 279,623.
By LM Staff · August 18, 2017
Carloads rose 0.3% to 268,364, and intermodal containers and units were up 5.1% annually to 280,426.
By LM Staff · August 11, 2017
Carloads increased 1.9% to 273,199, and intermodal containers and trailers headed up 6.8% annually to 281,623.
By LM Staff · August 4, 2017
Carloads dipped 0.6%, or 6,079 carloads, annually to 1,019,239, and intermodal containers and trailers rose 5.6%, or 55,997 units, to 1,058,354.
By LM Staff · July 21, 2017
Carloads headed up 0.3 percent to 262,869, and intermodal units saw a 7.4 percent annual gain to 277,136.
By Jeff Berman · July 14, 2017
Carloads, at 229,501, were up 1.1%, and intermodal containers and trailers rose 3.7% to 223,579.
By Jeff Berman · July 11, 2017
Volumes and service continue on an upswing
By Jeff Berman · July 7, 2017
United States rail carload and intermodal volumes reached the halfway point of 2017 in decent shape on the volume front, according to data issued this week by the Association of American Railroads (AAR).
By LM Staff · June 30, 2017
Rail carloads rose 2.3 percent compared to the same week a year ago at 263,504, and intermodal container and trailer volume increased 4.9% to 281,190.

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