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Newcastle Systems White Papers

Identifying waste in your warehouse is the first step to eliminating it. While people and buildings are pretty well fixed, there are ways to better utilize your existing infrastructure and improve processes that will positively impact your bottom line.
Posted on 05/18 at 03:43 PM
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It's easy to underestimate how much time is spent walking back and forth to fixed printers, computers, scales and other equipment. But it's a costly practice. By eliminating just 6 minutes of walking per hour, thousands of dollars can be saved over the course of a year. Converting a stationary workplace to a mobile powered workstation is the easiest, most economical way to increase productivity and start saving time and money immediately
Posted on 03/05 at 11:56 AM
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When you need a portable power source, you need convenience, not worries. Unfortunately, worries are what come with most of the available choices. Some require a power cord that might present a tripping hazard. Gasoline generators are noisy and unwieldy, emit fumes, and can only be used outdoors. Many battery packs are too weak and/or don’t last long enough between charging.
Posted on 11/07 at 11:14 AM
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Thanks to wireless technology, Mobile Powered Workstations (MPWs) are opening up new frontiers of efficiency and productivity. These workstations with integrated power supplies can maneuver computers, printers, scales, barcode scanners, etc., to wherever they are needed.
Posted on 02/14 at 01:07 PM
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