ISM releases “Mastery Model,” outlines exceptional supply management professionals

The ISM Mastery Model is accessible to all supply management professionals at no cost on the ISM website.

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The Institute for Supply Management (ISM ) has launched a new global standards of excellence for the supply management profession - the ISM Mastery Model - at its Centennial conference, ISM2015.

What it now takes to succeed in the supply management industry is far different than what it was decades ago. The new Mastery Model represents ISM’s forging ahead into the next century, and offering support to those people who make the profession strong.
The Mastery Model also points to the increasing importance of the industry to the health and vitality of corporations across the globe. Indeed, companies’ competitive advantage often comes down to the speed and agility of their supply chain. The more today’s professionals become masters of their craft, the larger the contribution they can make to their companies.

The ISM Mastery Model outlines what it takes to be an exceptional supply management professional – whether someone is just beginning their career or is already in a position of leadership. It empowers corporate leaders and managers to improve their own success through their teams by providing a portable, scalable and customizable set of standards for hiring, team building, and training and development. Managers can use it to develop job descriptions, identify and fill gaps, and set goals for their people.
For individuals striving for a successful and rewarding supply management career, the ISM Mastery Model provides a roadmap for advancing to the next level, and adding more value to their organization.

“ISM’s Mastery Model sets the standard for what professional excellence looks like in today’s supply management industry,” said Thomas W. Derry, Chief Executive Officer of ISM. “Built on our 100 years of experience educating and certifying practitioners and responding to their changing needs, it has been developed by successful supply management professionals for their peers. Because we feel it is so important, the Mastery Model is available to all at no cost.”

“Now more than ever companies are depending on strong strategies for supply chain as reliance on third parties grows and becomes increasingly more interdependent,” said Lara Nichols, Senior Vice President, Procurement of NFP. “It is virtually impossible to unlock value without sophisticated and intelligent procurement, supply management and ongoing operational excellence practices. It is our opportunity and responsibility to equip supply management professionals, at all stages of their careers, to holistically serve our companies at this level of contribution to growth and profitability.”

She continued, “We have many tools of the trade meant to equip us for this role but none, in my experience, are as thoughtful, comprehensive or specific as the ISM Mastery Model.  I am excited to put the model to work as a plan for success for my team, and, more importantly, for the benefit of my company and our shareholders.”

The level of detail of these new standards is unprecedented within the industry. The model is organized into 16 major competencies, such as logistics management and supplier relationship management, and 69 sub-competencies. For instance, sub-competencies of logistics management range from distribution/transportation management to warehouse management, and sub-competences for supplier relationship management range from contract management to supplier performance/continuous improvement. The model goes even further, exploring how these competencies and sub-competencies “play out” at four different career levels—Essentials, Experienced, Leadership, and Executive.

The Mastery Model aligns with ISM’s existing educational and certification offerings, such as the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) and Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity (CPSD) programs, enabling professionals to seek out their personal areas of improvement and work to fill them in. ISM will continue to create new programs to advance professionals’ mastery, as well.

The ISM Mastery Model is accessible to all supply management professionals at no cost on the ISM website. There, users can not only find the competencies and sub-competencies; they can learn which CPCM exam specifications map with them, and which other ISM programs can be used to address knowledge/skill gaps.

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