Modex 2012: Show Preview

Modex 2012, slated for February 6-9, will showcase more than 500 exhibits and include a comprehensive educational conference. The event, to be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, will offer an array of products to help improve productivity at your company.

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AS/RS shuttle ideal for dynamic storage, buffer use
The Stingray shuttle for highly dynamic storage and buffer use with mini-load storage and retrieval systems is offered. Capable of sequencing the delivery of goods, the AS/RS’s travel and lift axes are functionally separated, delivering higher throughput than most stacker cranes. This enables more accurate scalability of capacity and performance in top-end applications, with high availability and maximum energy efficiency as moving masses are reduced. Scalable and modular in construction, the number of shuttles and lifts can be varied to match performance requirements. TGW Systems, 231-798-4547, [url=][/url], Booth 4307.

Warehouse control platform offered as complete system or by component
For control of material flow, orders, wave picking execution and automated machine control, InControlWare warehouse control system is offered. Engineered to efficiently manage machine and operational resources, the software increases facility capacity and lowers distribution costs through optimized workflow, equipment usage and order fulfillment. It is scalable and may be integrated as a complete system or by individual area component manager, including order, route, pick, carousel and crane. The user interface provides visibility into operations, orders, inventory, fulfillment and machine performance, along with extensive reporting. Intelligrated, 866-936-7300, [url=][/url], Booth 2900.

Match sorter speed to actual carton flow
An automatic speed control solution automatically adjusts the speed of an entire sortation system—from merge through sorter take-away conveyors—to accommodate actual throughput volume as it changes throughout the day. Automatically adjusting the sorter speed reduces energy use, equipment wear, sound levels and maintenance to extend the life of the sorter and conveyors. In a typical system, speed will vary from 250 feet per minute to 540 feet per minute depending on the carton flow rate. The system uses electronic sensors on the upstream conveyor network to detect inbound volume or to determine downstream availability in a shipping application, slowing down to accommodate short staffing or delayed trailers. Dematic, 800-457-9783, [url=][/url], Booth 2300.

Industrial fan delivers maximum airflow, saves energy
The 8- to 24-foot diameter PowerfoilX industrial fan is durable and adaptable. Incorporating materials, precision machining and high operating functionality, the fan features a NitroSeal Drive gearbox. This feature delivers maximum airflow to increase energy savings year-round. When factory installed, the fan is backed by a 10-year warranty. Big Ass Fans, 859-233-1271, [url=][/url], Booth 2612.

Control carousels with iPhone/iPad app
An iPhone and iPad application for order picking and fulfillment is offered for Hornet horizontal carousels, Avenger vertical carousels and retrofits. Simple click-and-go icons help lean an operation while increasing operator productivity and order accuracy. Generating real-time activity level views, the application generates easy, intuitive control by providing access to any shelf or bin with a click, or to rotation of each carousel to browse its contents. Through the system, maintenance staff can view basic equipment status and conditions. The application can be used as the carousel’s sole dedicated interface or in conjunction with a software-driven system. Sapient Automation, 888-451-9711, [url=][/url], Booth 1000.

Raise your truck fleet’s IQ
The smart truck solution portfolio provides real-time, inch-accurate vehicle, driver and inventory tracking technologies for manufacturing and warehouse operations. Transforming traditional materials handling vehicles into smart trucks, the platform provides automated data collection, reporting and analysis. It features overhead position markers, optical position sensors and equipment monitoring hardware, software, reporting and business intelligence tools that deliver information useful for safety compliance, maintenance, fleet utilization, labor productivity, inventory accuracy and warehouse optimization. TotalTrax, 866-927-4927, [url=][/url], Booth 2923.

Automated lift trucks integrate vision-guided technology
Guided by Seegrid vision technology, a line of automated lift trucks enables simple, flexible automated solutions without system constraints. The vehicles use an open architecture with a standardized interface to integrate the guidance system. This enables both man-on and man-off automated functionality that can be implemented in hours. When an operator drives the vision-guided lift truck through a facility, the truck can learn up to 15 miles of routes and each individual step of the operation it will be performing without lasers, tape, wires or additional infrastructure. The automated truck can replace manned vehicles to automate repetitive tasks. The Raymond Corp., 800-235-7200, [url=][/url], Booth 605.

Zero pressure accumulation belt conveyor
The Intelliveyor Belt 24VDC zero pressure accumulation belt conveyor is based on the supplier’s zero pressure roller accumulation conveyor. The belt, which holds 45 pounds per zone, enables conveyance of items that have traditionally not been suited for conveying in zero-pressure roller accumulation systems. This includes items with soft or uneven bases, smaller items, and pharmaceuticals. A straight belt and curved belt are offered. It’s zone-controlled by photoeyes, reducing energy use. Interroll Automation, 812-284-1000, [url=][/url], Booth 4700.

Crisplant brand returns
Crisplant loop sortation technologies, systems and life-cycle support services are once again offered. A full line of automated high-speed loop sortation systems and services, including configuration, manufacturing, installation and support throughout the conveyor’s life cycle are available. To facilitate upgrades to support future business growth and changes, flexible controls and software optimization programs—as well as modernization road maps—can be custom-tailored for individual facilities. Beumer, 732-893-2892, [url=][/url], Booth 2315.

Use vertical space for storage, goods-to-person picking
For goods-to-person picking that increases efficiency and productivity, a line of dynamic storage solutions includes vertical lift modules, horizontal carousels, vertical carousels, mobile shelving and integrated software. From receiving and order processing to replenishment and cycle counting, the technologies save floor space and increase accuracy. The equipment eliminates wasted walk and search time to increase productivity up to 66%, while reducing floor space requirements by up to 85% by using vertical storage space. Integrating the systems with pick-to-light technology increases pick accuracy up to 99.9%. Kardex Remstar, 800-639-5805, [url=][/url], Booth 2914.

Voice-directed picking system supports Android operating system
The supplier’s line of voice recognition software now supports Google’s Android operating system, allowing it to be used on Android devices and perform accurately. The functionality enables additional flexibility in operating device selection options. Portable, the voice-directed picking system application can be moved to certified Android devices without reprogramming. The voice-driven software products optimize warehouse operations for greater accuracy, productivity and flexibility in supply chain execution. Voxware, 877-483-7239, [url=][/url], Booth 1414.

Dual-pallet handling AS/RS for beverage, food applications
Offering unit-load handling cranes up to 140 feet tall and mini-load cranes handling multiple loads up to 70 feet tall, the supplier offers energy-efficient automated storage and retrieval systems for food and beverage applications. To maximize stock rotation, automated dual pallet handling machines handle pallet loads arranged side-by-side in the down aisle direction for independent deposits into or retrievals from the racking. This setup yields a 65% throughput increase over systems that only handle one pallet at a time. Other savings include a reduction in handling equipment, aisle hardware (floor and power rails) and installation costs since fewer aisles are required. System Logistics, 207-784-1381, [url=][/url], Booth 4214.

Spiral conveyors save floor space
The SpiralVeyor family of spiral conveyors offers a range of elevators for all types of products and applications. Compact, the units provide a high-throughput solution for up or down elevation with simple, control-free function. As reliable as a normal, straight conveyor, the device delivers continuous product flow in a small footprint to save floor space. It is ideal for handling individual parcels, totes, packed items (including shrink-wrapped bottle packs), cartons, and single mass flow items such as bottles and cans. AmbaFlex, 817-366-8744, [url=][/url], Booth 1700.

New WMS offered, plus flexible, customizable AS/RS
Version 2.3 of Savanna.NET warehouse management software features real-time 3D visualization of the facility; a dashboard for tracking key statistics of operations; streamlined user rights management interfaces; and a module for integrating third-party order fulfillment, including high-speed and mixed-layer picking. The Web-based system’s screens apply actual warehouse data to show a facility from any perspective, including walking through and overhead. Also showcased are examples of flexible automated storage and retrieval system installations that double or triple storage capacity of existing, conventional low-bay warehouses and in new construction. Westfalia Technologies, 800-673-2522, [url=][/url], Booth 3611.

Four-way forklifts handle long, bulky loads easily
To ease handling of long, bulky loads, a full line of four-way forklifts are offered. The vehicles provide safe, space-saving handling. Versatile, the forklifts can be used both inside and outdoors, on semi-rough terrain and in all weather conditions. The vehicles come in diesel, LPG and electric models with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 pounds. Combilift, 336-378-8842, [url=][/url], Booth 2723.

Scanning, dimensioning system reads bar codes at any angle
Ideal for cubing, the AccuLazr bar code scanning and dimensioning system combines an Axiom-X laser bar code scanner with RangeFinder technology. The omni-directional laser scanner can read bar codes at any angle on the top of the package, making it unnecessary to align conveyed packages. Reliable, accurate dimensioning is achieved with patented RangeFinder technology. Installation does not require any specially trained staff. In applications where bar codes may also appear on the sides of packages, additional line or laser scanners can be added and linked to the main system through Ethernet without a multiplexer. Accu-Sort Systems, 800-227-2633, [url=][/url], Booth 2312.

Organize small parts in steel storage cabinet
The heavy-duty, 19 series steel storage cabinet line includes high-impact polystyrene drawers in a choice of five colors: black, blue, gray, red and yellow. Offered in six models, the cabinets are ideal for storing, consolidating and organizing small parts. They feature a heavy-duty welded steel frame for strength, as well as a chip-proof, durable powder-coated finish, built-in nesting feet for stable stacking and four keyhole slots for easy wall mounting. One model offers a locking door for enhanced security. The removable drawers are rust-, corrosion- and dent-proof, and can be divided into as many as eight compartments with dovetailed partitions for customized storage. To prevent spills and lost materials, a rear stop tab is integrated into each drawer. Akro-Mils, 800-253-2467, [url=][/url], Booth 3900.

Portable, folding barrier safeguards workers
A line of lightweight, portable folding fabric barriers provide a flexible means to safeguard pedestrians and workers from dangerous areas on the facility floor. Weighing 7 pounds, the barriers feature alert green/yellow fabric with “Safety First!” markings and gray tubular plastic construction. Foldable for storage, the polyester material used in the barrier resists water and mildew. Each panel of a three-panel unit measures 22.5 x 38 inches to extend to a full width of 69 inches. Vestil Manufacturing, 800-348-0868, [url=][/url], Booth 4102.

Voice solution for rugged mobile computers
For use with ruggedized mobile computers, VoiceClient 2.0 voice-directed workflow software supports devices from Intermec, Psion, LXE and Motorola and complements Talkman mobile appliances to deliver productivity, accuracy and safety to distribution workers. Enhancements and capabilities include greater flexibility for multilingual workforces, with support for more than 30 languages and the ability to quickly switch out languages when shifts change; extended battery life and maximum efficiency during the charging process for devices operating with wireless headset; interleaving of voice with scanning when needed; and support for diverse bar code formats. Vocollect, 866-862-6553, [url=][/url], Booth 1318.

Lift truck batteries and chargers
A full family of batteries for materials handling vehicles and applications is offered. Battery models include high performance, low maintenance, premium, fast charge, flooded standard, and low maintenance. The supplier also provides chargers such as high frequency, SCR, ferroresonant and fast types. GNB Industrial Power, 800-872-0471, [url=][/url], Booth 3226.

High-capacity spiral works with high-speed induction conveyor
A specialist in vertical conveying solutions, the supplier is showcasing new, high-capacity spiral conveyors with multiple entry capabilities combined with a new high-speed induction conveyor. Also featured are dual track spirals to maximize space savings by minimizing the footprint required for conveyance. The spiral conveyors need less floor space than conventional conveyors, while running faster and more reliably than elevators or lifts. Ryson International, 757-898-1530, [url=][/url], Booth 4100.

Move pallets around facility on low-profile, automated carts
For use in assembly lines, to deliver pallets to and from stretch wrappers, roller conveyors and palletizers, or to move loads around a facility, SmartCart 100ST short tunnel automatic guided vehicles are flexible and affordable. The vehicles tunnel under customized carriers to transport them throughout a warehouse or manufacturing facility. The units measure 39.4 inches long and travel up to 120 feet per minute. Optionally, the units may be specified with a pop-up bin for hitching to customized carriers. Jervis B. Webb Co./Daifuku America, 248-553-1000, [url=][/url], Booth 2705.

Middleware for better control in manufacturing
Automation IQ industrial middleware gives IT and operations managers more control of—and intelligence from—manufacturing processes. Capable of pinpointing where manufacturing systems are breaking down, the software provides information about why breakdowns happen. The system receives data feeds from enterprise system inputs, fixed-mount scanners, RFID readers and scales. It then compares, validates and logs the information to generate outputs regarding the data back to the original devices, PLCs, other signaling equipment (buzzers or light stacks), or e-mail alerts. Acting as a central SQL server control database, the software employs standard Ethernet communications. BarCode ID Systems, 678-904-9045, [url=][/url], Booth 214.

Manage, monitor yard and dock with software
The 4Sight yard and dock management system allows facilities to monitor, schedule and communicate trailer movements, load assignments, and loading dock status with a simple, easy-to-use interface. By combining RFID, GPS and sensor technologies, the software provides real-time yard and loading dock visibility, full automation and optimization from the time a vehicle approaches the inbound gate to the time it exits the outbound gate. Event-management capabilities and alert notifications improve trailer coordination and turn time. The system also allows facilities to schedule maintenance based on actual usage by automatically sending e-mail alerts to service providers and facility managers when equipment reaches a pre-set usage threshold. 4FRONT Engineered Solutions, 866-691-1377, [url=][/url], Booth 209.

Mini-load cranes move 660-pound loads up to 78 feet
Providing an automated shelf solution for containers, boxes and trays, the SMC 2 and SMC 2 XL twin-mast mini-load cranes use a closed lifting trolley to hold two standard, or one large, piece of load-carrying equipment. The machines access heights up to 39 feet or 78 feet respectively for high payloads and greater throughput. Load-carrying equipment includes combined telescopes, grippers and pulling fixtures for containers or trays, and box and package grippers. Due to low clearance requirements, the devices optimize space and feature extremely stable masts with very high torque resistance. New drive technology enables the transport loads up to 660 pounds due to a mast reinforcement strut—guided through a recessed groove—that prevents vibration. Schaefer Systems, 800-876-6000, [url=][/url], Booth 2105.

Valve makes checking battery electrolyte levels safer, easier
The hydro-port valve makes checking battery electrolyte levels safe and easy with a red slider that opens to allow the hydrometer tube to fit inside. Once the reading is taken and the hydrometer is removed, the slider closes to keep debris from entering the battery cell. To prevent the slider from being lost or broken, it incorporates a notched configuration. Low-profile, the valve’s level indicator eye allows proper verification of the electrolyte level to be seen from the top, side and front, while an encapsulated float eliminates interference with the moss shield and the solid float prevents water from leaching into the cavity. Battery Watering Technologies, 877-522-5431, [url=][/url], Booth 2209.

Paper void fill system for small-cell packing stations
For use in small work cell packaging environments, the FasFil EZ paper void fill system uses an advanced crimping function to deliver efficient, high-performing sustainable paper packaging. The system dispenses 100% recycled crimped paper pads, and comes in tabletop or stand-alone models. Minimal training is required, with the system activated by a footswitch to dispense a continuous length of paper void-fill material. Optionally, a programmed length output mode sets a timer to stop paper flow, eliminating excess paper usage per pack. A built-in cutting mechanism eliminates the risk of repetitive motion injuries. Sealed Air, 800-648-9093, [url=][/url],, Booth 2709.

Lightweight bulk box
Constructed of sturdy, structural foam panels and drop down doors atop an injection-molded, two-piece welded base, the BN4845 bulk box is lightweight. It is offered in two heights—25 or 34 inches—on a 48 x 45 inch footprint, with 31.7-inch wide dual drop-down doors. Ideal for manufacturing and automotive industries, the container features ergonomic handles, four-way fork entry and four drain holes for outdoor storage. The container nests with any other 48 x 45-inch footprint bin when upright or collapsed. To repair damaged sidewalls, no special tools or fasteners are required; replacement panels snap into the base, while latches and hinges lock into the door. Buckhorn, 800-543-4454, [url=][/url], Booth 3700.

Track location of pooled pallets
To provide the supplier’s pooled pallet customers with end-to-end visibility of their assets, PalletView proprietary asset management software system tracks locations. By logging into the system through a Web-based portal, managers can track how many pallets are in the system, the quantity and sizes of pallets at each location and whether those pallets are being sorted, repaired or are ready for delivery. The system can also determine where the pallets have been delivered and in what quantities. Through accurate billing, accounting, inventory control and asset management, the system reduces the number of new pallets that need to be purchased every year. Millwood, 800-860-4744, [url=][/url], Booth 2305.

Automate load transfer with integrated pallet cart system
By enabling a fork truck driver to place a pallet onto an integrated pallet cart, the LTS-C load transfer station machine automatically completes the transfer without further operator intervention. The system transfers shipped or received products packaged in cases, barrels, drums, bags and pails from one pallet type to another, including plastic, CHEP and GMA pallets. Offered as a stand-alone machine, the unit can also be incorporated into a fully automated system with pallet washing and/or stretch wrapping. Columbia Machine, 800-628-4065, [url=][/url], Booth 2523.

Convert pallet trucks, tow tractors to unmanned robotic industrial vehicles
The GP8s and GT10s standard, off-the-shelf pallet trucks and tow tractors navigate without drivers using the supplier’s vision guidance system. The guidance system transforms standard vehicles into unmanned robotic industrial trucks that optimize workflow processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs. This offers economic and operational advantages, as the vehicles operate without the need for wire, tape, laser or other automatic guided vehicle guidance systems. Seegrid, 877-733-4743, [url=][/url], Booth 3100.

Handheld bar code terminals equipped with advanced features
The series of BHT-900 handheld bar code terminals features C-language programming and USB connection directly to a PC. Other communications capabilities include Media Transfer Protocol, Bluetooth 2.1, and batch communication through RS232C or USB. Pre-installed software enables instant, out-of-the-box use for basic data collection applications. The terminals are equipped with CCD technology to recognize hard-to-read or damaged bar codes at maximum speeds of 400 scans per second. Running for 200 hours between charges, the devices withstand 60 drops onto concrete from a height of 3.9 feet. Slim, lightweight and ergonomic, the terminals offer easy touch or distance scanning, a large display and up to three trigger keys for operation without changing grip. Denso, 310-952-7955, [url=][/url], Booth 313.

AGV sports sophisticated controls
Equipped with a sophisticated control system, the model CA-A50060-NSI BST tugger can navigate up to 50 courses (128 commands each) and is programmable by PC or an onboard touchscreen. The units follow a magnetic tape guidepath and function as automated tuggers, eliminating the need for manned delivery vehicles. They drive under a stationary cart equipped with a BST hitch, extend a tow pin into the hitch, deliver the cart to a designated work area, then retract the tow pin and move out to pick up another cart. Programs can be downloaded with USB memory, Ethernet cable or radio frequency. For command initiation, the unit includes an RFID reader. Safety and operational features include a non-contact laser bumper and 8-bit optical communications device for remote control and starting. Creform, 800-839-8823, [url=][/url], Booth 4705.

Protect personnel, equipment from falls off docks
Easily operated by one person in seconds, EdgeGard dock gates create a barrier to protect personnel and equipment from falling off wide truck pits and loading docks. The gates are offered in two versions: straight-rail (8- or 10-feet long) and folding-rail (10- or 12-feet long) with a pivot point in the center. Smooth cantilever action enables easy operation and long service life. When raised, the gate completely clears the opening for unimpeded traffic flow and maximum accessibility. Upon closing, the gate stays securely in place with top rails 42 inches above floor level. Properly anchored, the gates meet the 200-pound OSHA 1910.23 load force protection requirement. Wildeck, 800-325-6939, [url=][/url], Booth 3709.

Custom, pre-engineered mezzanines
Custom, pre-engineered mezzanine systems can be engineered to meet a variety of industry and warehouse applications for improved inventory management and streamlined logistics. The systems are scaled to match a facility’s existing footprint as an affordable, turn-key solution. Services include on-staff engineering, metal forming and powder-coat finishing for long lasting, durable surfaces. Cubic Designs, 800-826-7061, [url=][/url], Booth 4127.

Heavy-duty electric chain hoist easy to adjust, maintain
Offered in capacities from 1/4 to 3 tons, the man guard electric chain hoist is equipped with an overload clutch for a heavy-duty rating. Easy maintenance and adjustments are facilitated through open construction, which allows for quick access to the brake and wiring. Other features include a durable AC disc brake, precision gearing and efficient electric hoist motors that require less energy to operate the unit. The hoist comes standard with single speed or variable frequency drive, with most units in stock ready to ship. Its standard rigid hook mounting may be interchanged with other mounting options. Columbus McKinnon, 800-888-0985, [url=][/url], Booth 3609.

Open area rack decking FM-approved
FM-approved after laboratory fire testing in accordance with standard 6914, Punch Deck open area rack decking can be considered equivalent to 70% open area shelving. This enables its use in warehouses with sprinkler protection conforming to FM global data sheet 8-9, “Storage of Class 1, 2, 3, 4 and Plastic Commodities.” The decking is offered in 24- to 36-inch widths. Also offered, Fluekeeper rack attachments keep stored material out of transverse flue space products. DACS, 866-400-8107, [url=][/url], Booth 2109.

Material covers rack beams, old labels for a clean appearance
Beam Renew covers rack beams easily to obscure existing bar code and non-bar code labels on warehouse racks. Highly opaque with a metalized backside, the material can be custom color matched to existing rack beam color. More cost-effective than other solutions, application of the material yields racks that look clean and have a like-new appearance. To resist abrasion, water and cleaning solvents, the material includes an over-lamination coating. Labels can be easily re-applied over the cover-up material. ID Label, 800-541-8506, [url=][/url], Booth 818.

Insulate with modular curtain wall
Made with reclaimed polyisocyanurate (polyiso) insulation—which has the highest R-value per inch of any common insulation material—Green InsulWall is offered for use in commercial buildings as an energy-conserving, modular wall system. The rigid, insulating modular curtain wall is easy to install and can be moved, rehung, and reused as a facility’s needs change. The system improves insulation capacities and is constructed of salvaged commercial roofing insulation, preventing landfill waste. Randall Manufacturing, 630-782-0001, [url=][/url], Booth 5123.

WMS software improves inventory accuracy up to 99.99%
A new warehouse management system reduces work by a third while increasing inventory accuracy up to 99.99% by reducing or eliminating physical inventories. The system prevents mis-shipments by verifying correct product prior to shipping to cut returns. By optimizing routing and pick sequencing, employee productivity is improved for directed pick and putaway operations. Additionally, the system provides accurate knowledge of what inventory is on hand, while tracking productivity by capturing time, date and operator information every time a product moves. The supplier also offers outbound shipping software that interfaces with enterprise resource planning systems. HAL Systems, 770-927-0700, [url=][/url], Booth 215.

AGVs freely navigate
Turn-key automatic guided vehicle systems increase productivity and lower operating costs through efficient and safe materials handling. Featuring the patented free ranging over grid (FROG) navigation, this system enables the vehicles to travel over an entire work area automatically, indoors and outside. The vehicles handle loads ranging from small part totes weighing 50 pounds to steel coils or paper rolls weighing 50 tons or more. Frog AGV Systems, 248-760-5667, [url=][/url], Booth 1805.

Sorter handles heavy boxes, light polybags simultaneously
The push-tray high-speed unit sorter sorts heavy boxes, traditionally non-conveyable items and light polybags simultaneously on the same unit sorter. With trays offered in a variety of configurations, the system ensures maximum throughput capacity and gentle product handling. Multiple induction methods and sorting destination types can be specified to accommodate unique application requirements. Eurosort, 410-363-6345, [url=][/url], Booth 1909.

Full line of overhead handling, lifting devices on display
A full line of overhead cranes, wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, workstation cranes, Gottwald port cranes and crane service capabilities are offered. New additions to KBK workstation crane construction kits are available that increase load capacity and spanning capability. Other additions include a new track profile, KBK II-H, for use with cranes, monorails and workstation cranes. Other featured items include an operational stepless high-speed chain hoist that combines precise positioning and high speed for high-duty assembly operations, and HMI-certified electric chain hoists that can be either pendant or radio controlled. Demag Cranes & Components, 440-248-2400, [url=][/url], Booth 3318.

Store, organize parts with cabinets and bins
Combining a stylish look with practical accessories, the Treston line of storage systems provides flexible, efficient parts storage. The modular units include a variety of bins and storage cabinets that can be stacked, wall-mounted or mounted on turntable assemblies. Ideal for use in maintenance, production and storage areas, the compact turntable assemblies store thousands of components for easy identification. When paired with the supplier’s line of workstations, the units create a fully functional, ergonomic workspace. Sovella, 800-437-6772, [url=][/url], Booth 3802.

WMS directs pickers with handheld units
The visual logistics WMS presents visual images and instructions to operators over radio frequency handheld units across all functional activities. This helps operators perform their work more accurately and productively. The system significantly streamlines putaway, picking and packing for high order accuracy and fill rates. Tecsys, 800-922-8649, [url=][/url], Booth 612.

Fuel cells replace lead-acid batteries
With a simplified architecture and common system platform featuring 30% fewer components, the newest generation of GenDrive fuel cells is offered as a drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in electric lift trucks. Enhancements increase reliability and improve lift and towing capacity. For cost-effectiveness, lower-priced options may be specified. The fuel cells increase productivity by up to 15%, lower operational costs by up to 30% and reduce site greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%. Plug Power, 518-782-7700, [url=][/url], Booth 4114.

Direct thermal mobile label printers resist drops
The QLn third generation of direct thermal mobile label printers contains drop-resistant durability, user-friendly features to boost productivity and easy integration. A new seamless, one-piece design and tempered-glass display have been added to the printer’s rubber-infused over-molding to make the lightweight printer more durable. Features include a larger, sharper, easier-to-navigate display, proactive alerts and convenient charging accessories. For simplified integration into existing IT environments, the printers are supported by connectivity tools for improved network performance. The printers produce labels for product, work-in-process, shipping, crossdocking, pallets, cases, pick, shelf and putaway use. Zebra Technologies, 800-423-0442, [url=][/url], Booth 112.

Organize VLM, vertical carousel trays with storage system
Offered in 12 standard configurations, the Perfect Divider system organizes shelves within vertical lift modules and vertical carousels. The system comes in lengths up to 120 inches, widths up to 48 inches and heights from 2 to 20 inches. The cells are adjustable on 0.25- to 4-inch centers, or can be custom configured to accommodate contents. A choice of painted or natural finishes is offered. For further customization, accessories include bottom pads, foam pads and cup inserts. Flexcon, 908-871-7000, [url=][/url], Booth 1611.

Electric wire rope hoists come in two configurations
Offered in two configurations, the RHN series of electric wire rope hoists includes a deck/base mounted unit and an ultra-low headroom trolley hoist. Both dual speed units are equipped with a lifetime lubricated gear box and an electromagnetic brake that never needs adjustment. The deck/base hoist holds 2 to 20 metric tons and features a compact, modular design ideal for stationary applications, or it may be combined with a double girder trolley. The ultra-low hoist carries 2 to 15 metric tons. Its compact body has a short end approach for top running and underhung overhead bridge cranes in facilities with limited space. Harrington Hoists, 800-233-3010, [url=][/url], Booth 2420.

Gentle, rapid sorting in a small footprint
For rapid, gentle conveyance of multiple product types, activated roller belt technology features modular plastic belting for use in sortation applications. Single-sided, right-angle sorting and diverting can be used to send packages to reject stations, for changing carton orientation during high-rate sorting, for sorting into mini-load AS/RS, for carton sequencing, or sorting into accumulation lines. The belt delivers precise bi-directional sorting in a small footprint at rates above 100 packages per minute, or at 30- and 90-degree angles. Sorters handle cases, polybags, totes and parcels of goods ranging from lightweight, letter-sized items to heavy pallet loads. Intralox, 888-427-2358, [url=][/url], Booth 3109.

Black bins are green
A line of environmentally friendly bins—manufactured from recycled, 100% post-consumer, high-density polypropylene—is offered. Bins come in multiple sizes and styles, at an economical price point. In stock for immediate shipping, all bins are black and manufactured in the United States. Quantum Storage Systems, 800-685-4665, [url=][/url], Booth 2013.

Conveyor rollers motorized for quiet, maintenance-free operation
Featuring a built-in motor and gearbox, the Power Moller internally motorized conveyor roller provides safe, quiet, maintenance-free operation. The roller is offered in multiple speeds and voltages, including a family of 24 VDC rollers comprised of the 1.9-inch diameter brushless PM486FE and 2.5-inch diameter pallet handling PM635FS models. Itoh Denki, 888-310-8811, [url=][/url], Booth 2905.

Enhance communications to mobile workers
To provide mobile workers with complete, up-to-date information, Skynax comprehensive mobility management system takes a single system approach for mobile data exchange, integrated application and device management, support and security. The system transforms and integrates business data between mobile applications and host systems in real time, making it ideal for field service, direct-store delivery, presales and merchandising, transportation and logistics use. Requiring little to no programming, the system is comprised of a suite of server, desktop and mobile device software applications that improve reliability and reduce complexity. Intermec, 800-347-2636, [url=][/url], Booth 1323.

Monitor, track produce and perishables from field to store shelf
Enabling growers, producers, co-ops, distributors and retail grocers to reduce loss due to spoilage, the freshness management solution for produce and perishables delivers on-demand visibility. The system tracks and monitors the temperature and condition of fresh-cut produce from the field to the shelf. Multiple parties along the cold supply chain can access information about the produce’s condition without unpacking the pallet or unloading the trailer. Features include pallet-level track and trace capabilities for support of chain of custody and food safety compliance requirements. Intelleflex, 408-200-6500, [url=][/url], Booth 204.

Float 2,500-pound loads with compressed air device
Allowing one operator to easily and safely move up to 2,500 pounds, the LoadRunner uses on-board compressed air to float its load across the floor. This movement method reduces friction, requiring minimal operator effort. Offered as a replacement for hand trucks, pallet jacks and forklifts, the unit is completely self-contained. Features include a low profile deck with 2-inch insertion height, intuitive throttle-style fingertip controls and quiet, emission-free operation. AeroGo, 800-426-4757, [url=][/url], Booth 1826. 

Customize the ideal semi-automatic stretch wrapper
Eight different models of low- and high-profile turntable stretch wrappers can be customized with a selection of individual components. The SMART series of semi-automatic units offers multiple wrap heights, powered pre-stretch and no pre-stretch carriages, and various control panels with basic or highly flexible pre-programmed wrapping patterns. The custom machines can be built quickly from in-stock components, reducing cost and wait time. To modify the finished machines’ wrapping functions, its control panel can be easily upgraded. Features include AC variable frequency drives and motors and heavy-duty steel construction. Wulftec/M.J. Maillis, 877-985-3832, [url=][/url], Booth 2418.

App store expands functionality of supply chain software
The online App Station is a collection of supply chain workflow applications offered by the supplier to allow the addition of new functionality to an existing warehouse management system. The service eliminates difficult and costly upgrades, application bloat, interdependent configuration switches and source code modifications. Only needed features can be selected and installed for fast, easy deployment. All apps are fully tested and backed by technical support. HighJump Software, 952-563-5173, [url=][/url], Booth 609.

Pallet-level temperature monitoring for perishables
To provide cost-effective, pallet-level temperature monitoring to growers, producers, co-ops, shippers and brand owners, a rentable plastic pallet features embedded RFID tags that wirelessly track ambient temperatures. The system monitors the temperatures of perishables in-transit to provide on-demand information for real-time decision making. It also enables FEFO (first expired, first out) inventory management to reduce shrink and optimize the shelf life of perishable foods. Durable, sanitary and reusable, the plastic pallets are constructed of sustainable, recyclable materials that can be remolded. iGPS, 800-884-0225, [url=][/url], Booth 3528.

Caster built for speed
Built for speed and 24/7 operations, the enhanced heavy service (EHS) towable caster line is ideal for use on in-plant trailers, towline carts and automatic guided vehicle systems. The casters combine five different polyurethane tread options with precision integrated swivel technology, making raceways 45% harder than conventional models. Offered in 6 x 2 inch and 8 x 2 inch sizes, all the wheels in the series are equipped with double sealed precision ball bearings or tapered roller bearings to sustain high speeds. Hamilton Caster & Mfg., 800-733-7655, [url=][/url], Booth 1421.

Powered conveyor belting, accessories
The Powerturn conveyor belt is offered in two new models at a competitive price. Due to the supplier’s new fabrication capabilities—including digital cutting belts for precision panels and AutoCad for all drawings—the belting can now be produced with shorter lead times. The belting is supported with all supporting belt conveyor accessories including chain, grommets, rivets, washers, bushings and bearings. Habasit America, 800-458-6431, [url=][/url], Booth 4511.

Standard, forked pallet handling AGV
For routine movement of pallets between a palletizer and stretch wrapper, for pallet storage/retrieval in the warehouse, or for automatically loading/unloading trailers, the standard, forked pallet-handling automatic guided vehicle is flexible. Fully automated, the units include user-friendly vehicle and host controls that permit personnel with minimal training to quickly learn the system for optimum performance. The AGV may be specified with a variety of different masts and load handling attachments for cost effective handling of multiple products. JBT Corp., 215-822-4600, [url=][/url], Booth 1105.

Mobile robotic fulfillment system brings inventory to pickers
For pick, pack and ship operations a mobile robotic fulfillment system is offered for warehouse automation. The solution uses simple robotic drive units to bring inventory on mobile shelves to workers who stay in ergonomic workstations to fill orders. By eliminating walking and waiting, facilities can achieve high speed, productivity, accuracy and flexibility. It is ideal for e-commerce and retail restocking orders. Kiva Systems, 781-221-4640, [url=][/url], Booth 2500.

Fully automated picking supports multi-order principle
Ideal for average- and slow-moving products, the viapick fully automated picking system works autonomously, without human intervention, to replace the picker. A robotic arm grips into the storage container and places the selected products in the order container or in the shipping carton as defined. Capable of working 24/7, the device supports the multi-order principle by picking different customer orders from one storage container into several shipping cartons. It handles approximately 450 picks and defined placing processes per hour with increased reliability and lower processing costs while eliminating ergonomic and safety concerns. viastore systems, 616-977-3950, [url=][/url], Booth 3714.

3PL provider debuts line of six reusable shipping crates
A provider of third-party logistics (3PL), distribution, warehousing, crate manufacturing and management and transportation management is debuting a line of patented reusable crates offered to lower packing costs for shippers. The crates cut packaging costs by eliminating the need for pallets and reducing waste materials such as shrink and bubble wrap. To keep products stored within secure and prevent damage, the crates interlock so they do not shift in transit. Six different sizes are offered, ranging from 47.5 x 42.25 x 46 inches to 80.75 x 90.5 x 49 inches. Komyo Logistics, 888-565-6696, [url=][/url], Booth 1520.

Shelf bins come in 21 different sizes
Offered in 13 models, a series of 4- and 6-inch tall polypropylene shelf bins for use with 12-, 18- and 24-inch shelving units create integrated storage and organization for retail, assembly and storage applications. Injection-molded, the bins come in blue, red and yellow and replace limited-use corrugated boxes. To hold excess inventory, an orange kanban divider is included. When primary stock is depleted, the divider is repositioned to allow stored material to flow forward. The divider is then moved to the front of the bin as a visual cue to reorder. For maximum storage density, the bins incorporate a raised hopper front that expands internal cubic capacity. LEWISBins+, 877-975-3947, [url=][/url], Booth 2700.

Pick cart increases pick, pack and ship productivity by 30%
The cart allows 12 or more orders to be picked/put directly into shipping cartons at a 30% faster rate. The Smart Pick Cart combines voice-directed picking with wireless put-to-light/carton batch technology, allowing users a one-touch pick-pack-ship process. In addition, the cart features labor management and velocity-based SKU picking analytics. Numina Group, 630-343-2612, [url=][/url], Booth 1127.

Full line of integrated, automated materials handling systems offered
A full line of integrated automated storage/retrieval systems, automatic identification products, conveyors, order picking systems, RFID, sortation equipment, software and systems integration services are offered to assembly and production facilities, warehousing and distribution center operations. The supplier specializes in semi- and fully-automated order fulfillment and assembly systems that focus on high-speed/high-volume each picking. Benefits include a reduction in order cycle times, a decrease error rates, optimized inventory and lower operating costs. Knapp Logistics Automation, 888-606-0695, [url=][/url], Booth 2214.

Rugged tablet PC
The rugged xTablet T7000 PC includes notebook functionality with full Windows OS (7, Vista or XP editions) and data collection capabilities of a handheld in an 8.8 x 5.8 x 1.6-inch device. It weighs 2.5 pounds for portability. Features include a built?in numeric keypad, 60 GB hard drive, standard wireless communications, optional QWERTY keyboard attachment and 7-inch, high-resolution touchscreen display readable in all light. Sealed to an IP 54 rating for dust and water and MIL?STD 810F drop, vibration and humidity certified, the unit operates
in temperatures from -4°F to 122°F. MobileDemand, 877-784-4338, [url=][/url], Booth 115.

Cross-platform mobile pick-to-light app
The LP mobile application provides users of the supplier’s picking technologies with real-time productivity views, operations management controls and system diagnostics through mobile or smart phones. Offered as a Web application that is compatible across all popular smart phone platforms, the app keeps managers connected to picking systems even when not in close physical proximity to the pick area or a picking software workstation. The app presents real-time dashboard style updates of pick rates, area overview, order progress and other facility statistics, as well as executes operational changes, including the creation of work plans, logging employees in and out of the system, and examination of order details or box contents with the appropriate order number or bar code label. Lightning Pick Technologies, 800-827-8878, [url=][/url], Booth 1426.

Voice picking solution for standard mobile computers
For standard mobile computers, the Jennifer VoicePlus voice-directed, warehouse picking solution supports all leading hardware platforms, including Motorola Solutions, LXE, Honeywell, Intermec and Psion. The software creates a two-way conversation with associates wearing a headset connected to a mobile computer. Featuring a recorded human voice, the system tells associates where to go and what to do, and associates speak back through their microphone to confirm their tasks. To automate hands-on processes, the application incorporates customer-specific business rules, work flows and data capture requirements. It is accessible on any Web-based smart phone or industrial PDA, and integrates into WMS from RedPrairie, SAP, Manhattan Associates, Infor and Oracle. Lucas Systems, 724-940-7144, [url=][/url], Booth 909.

Traverse, pick in narrow aisles with articulated forklift
For use in narrow aisles measuring 6.5 to 7 feet wide, the Flexi forklift features 180-degree articulation to work both sides of the aisle. Because the mast swings to the side, visibility is unobstructed. The vehicle has a 78-inch turning radius with the mast in side position for enhanced maneuverability. Guided by automotive-style steering, it does not require an embedded guidance system or particular floor tolerance. The forklift traverses 15% grades, allowing it to be moved between buildings. For additional versatility, it operates with any standard attachment. Narrow Aisle, 214-819-4180, [url=][/url], Booth 1709.

Complete supply chain software suite  
To help wholesalers increase margins through integration of inventory replenishment, labor management, warehouse management and transportation processes, the SCOPE supply chain process platform provides a single, shared foundation for all software in the suite. The system enables shared data and workflows to optimally balance supply and demand across multiple channels. The entire system manages make-to-order and make-to-stock processes while responding quickly to changing order volume and delivery schedules. Manhattan Associates, 678-597-7274, [url=][/url], Booth 709.

Fans for exhaust, ventilation
A full line of cooling technology includes 12- through 30-inch multi-purpose fans and 24- through 48-inch exhaust and ventilation fans. Industrial grade, all models are engineered and built for maximum performance, durability and reliability. Most items are protected by a two-year warranty. Air Max Fans, 800-394-9739, [url=][/url], Booth 1425.

Recycled pallets for goods storage, shipment
A line of 10 different pallets made from recycled polypropylene and polyethylene plastics is offered. Models include stackable/rackable pallets with three or six stringers, and single face pallets with nine supporting feet. A range of colors is offered, including blue, green, yellow and black. Fukutomi Green Products, 909-629-3806, [url=][/url], Booth 4716.

No-obligation performance assessment
A no-obligation performance assessment shows where to begin, areas for improvement and subsequent value of the recommended measures. The evaluation includes seeking hidden opportunities to upgrade productivity and strategic planning—including new technology investments or cost-cutting measures. Other services include supply chain and logistics consulting. The Progress Group, 770-804-9920, [url=][/url], Booth 410.

Expand overhead storage up to four levels high
Combining engineering and manufacturing expertise, a line of high-rise shelving structures, platforms and mezzanines can be created and produced to accommodate storage in multi-level storage facilities. Structures employ stairs, work platforms or mezzanine products with shelving posts for installations up to four levels high in multiple configurations. Shelving can be tailored to each job with an assortment of accessories. For installations in areas where seismic activity is more likely, a complete engineering analysis ensures that the structure meets all required safety requirements. All systems can be finished in any of 24 standard colors with durable hybrid powder-coat paint system. Penco Products, 800-562-1000, [url=][/url], Booth 1326.

Bulk container sized to maximize shipping space
Offered in two heights—27 and 34 inches—the 45 x 48-inch footprint HDMC 4845 BulkPak container safely and securely increases the amount of product that can be shipped in a standard 53-foot shipping trailer. The 27-inch tall unit fits 112 filled bins per inbound truckload and 252 collapsed bins per return truckload, while the 34-inch tall unit fits 84 filled bins and 252 collapsed bins per truckload. Engineered with 0, 1 or 2 access doors, solid sidewalls, solid deck and a fully replaceable, all-plastic perimeter stringer bottom, the containers sport robust spring-loaded latches for safe and easy assembly and collapse. To enhance visibility for fork truck drivers, color indicator strips are included to reduce leg and base impacts. ORBIS, 888-307-2185, [url=][/url], Booth 2700.

Industrial-strength tablet
The industrial-strength ET1 tablet computer features hot-swappable battery packs, secure system software, optional bar code scanner and optional magnetic stripe reader. Intended for demanding use, the Wi-Fi enabled unit is password-protected so it can be shared and customized for each user. Based on log-in information, managers can automatically control and monitor access to approved applications. The tablet runs an enterprise-ready, hardened version of the Android operating system, and is supported by enterprise-grade software modules including an HTML5 application framework. Motorola Solutions, 800-927-9626, [url=][/url], Booth 806.

Reusable, durable totes protect products
Combining molded product protection with exterior strength and durability, TransGuard stand-alone totes do not need to be used with a separate exterior tote. Made of expanded polypropylene engineered plastic foam material for durability and resistance to impacts and chemicals, the packaging optimizes freight space through customized height and a form-fitted interior. They fit standard, 45 x 48 inch Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) pallets. To protect sensitive electronic circuits and equipment, the totes can be manufactured with different levels of electrostatic dissipation. Protexic Brands, 800-289-9966, [url=][/url], Booth 1209.

Forklift attachment protects products, pallets
Made of high grade solid steel that has been powder coated and painted safety orange, the Product Protector attachment mounts to the forks of any lift truck in minutes. The attachment creates ideal fork-to-pallet alignment, eliminating the risk of the forklift making contact with overhanging product or impacting the pallet at an angle. This prevents a focused blow that could cause damage to product, pallet or the forklift operator. Product Protector, 877-768-3287, [url=][/url], Booth 4223.

Access, monitoring and weighing devices for forklifts
Access and monitoring systems for lift trucks are offered. The supplier also offers a line of weighing systems, automatic identification devices, computer hardware/software, control devices, hydraulic and electrical components, radio frequency identification equipment, data communications equipment and safety devices. Keytroller, 813-877-4500, [url=][/url], Booth 912.

Brake motors for materials handling machinery
A full line of brake motors for materials handling machine builders is offered. Models include a unit with NEMA-dimensioned brake motor mountings and a common coupling, and the recently released 56C, 145TC and 182TC shaft and flange dimensions. Featuring high starting torque, adjustable brake torque, manual brake release and high locked rotor and pull up torque, the motors work with the supplier’s three-phase AC electric brake technology. MGM Electric Motors NA, 877-355-4343, [url=][/url], Booth 4609.

Feature-rich, low-cost enterprise PDA released
Boasting a small form factor, the wireless EP10 rugged, enterprise PDA device is a feature-rich, robust mobile computer that is ideal for field service, delivery, transportation and security. The unit runs on a Texas Instruments AM3715 Sitara ARM processor for fast operation. Incorporated into the device are a 2D omni-directional imager and a 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash. It also includes a 3.7-inch, high-resolution LCD display with integrated touchscreen, and supports mobile communication standards CDMA or GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Psion, 800-322-3437, [url=][/url], Booth 1505.

Powered stackers handle 2,200 pounds
With lift heights of 62, 101, 125 and 150 inches, the PowerStak line of fully powered stackers handles capacities up to 2,200 pounds. Models include a fork-over configuration for use with open-bottom pallets, or adjustable straddle setup for use with closed-bottom pallets. A narrow mast and offset control handle gives operators a clear view of what’s in front of them, while the ergonomic handle puts all controls within easy reach, with forward- and reverse-drive thumb switches on both sides for left- or right-handed operation. To protect operators from injury when walking the unit backwards, an auto-reversing belly switch must be pressed and an automatic brake halts travel when reversed. Presto Lifts, 800-343-9322, [url=][/url], Booth 3309.

Multi-directional wheels replace swivel casters
Manufactured from engineering grade polymers, the 1.89-inch multi-directional wheel provides ride-quality and durability as an industrial floor wheel and a conveyor transfer wheel. Features include a wheel frame combined with roller axles to create a web-like structure with over-molded rollers, yielding a robust, corrosion-resistant wheel with no external pins or inserts. The fixed orientation of the main wheel allows direct forward and reverse movement, while the peripheral rollers facilitate turning, rotation, lateral and diagonal movement. Offered as an alternative to swivel casters, the wheels rotate 360 degrees. Mounting options include forks, cups, channels and rails, or stacking on an axle. Rotacaster Wheel, +61-2-4962-7150, [url=][/url], Booth 3520.

Rotate fully loaded pallets 180 degrees with inverter
The PalletPal inverter provides a fast, safe, easy way to rotate fully loaded pallets 180 degrees with an anti-friction turret bearing. The device is ideal for replacing broken pallets, switching to or from in-house/shipping pallets, transferring loads to slip sheets, and replacing damaged goods at the bottom of a load without manual restacking. Capable of handling loads measuring 48 x 48 x 60 inches with capacities up to 4,400 pounds, the inverter includes a clamping mechanism with user-adjustable pressure control to ensure that lighter loads are not crushed. Rotation can be stopped at any point. Southworth Products, 207-878-0700, [url=][/url], Booth 1100.

Optimize labor with proactive planning, scheduling system
Cloud-based ProTrack warehouse labor management solution features an intelligent, flexible advanced labor planning module for proactive labor planning and scheduling to reduce overtime, enhance customer service levels, and address fluctuations in demand and resources. The module offers increased visibility to continually analyze warehouse staff and shift to meet demand. For performance monitoring of warehouse employees, the system includes an active performance function for managers that proactively measures and improves work through one-on-one observations of floor associates using customized questionnaires on a handheld tablet computer. TZA, 800-229-3450, [url=][/url], Booth 414.

Weigh, measure irregularly shaped parts and components
Using a combination of sensing technologies, the small CubiScan 125 static cubing system weighs and measures irregularly shaped parts and components, as well as boxed and case-pack items. Small parts and non-cubical items are precisely measured using infrared sensing technology, while larger boxes and cases are measured with ultrasonic sensors. The unit automates the collection of dimensional data for slotting, storage-space selection, carton selection, repacking, check-weighing and shipment manifesting with an integrated control panel/display that outputs to a user-supplied PC. Quantronix, 800-488-2823, [url=][/url], Booth 1714.

Save energy at the dock
The Eliminator GapMaster II dock shelter is made of thermal-formed polyethylene and includes integral hooks on side curtains that wrap around the edges of open swing-out trailer doors. As the trailer backs in, the shelter prevents heating and cooling energy loss, as well as reduces dust and insect infiltration. Completing the system, the PitMaster under-leveler seal closes off the fourth side of the dock opening (beneath and around the dock leveler) to prevent air gaps while reducing energy loss and improving industrial hygiene. Rite-Hite, 800-456-0600, [url=][/url], Booth 5005.

Add space overhead with modular mezzanine structure
Fabricated from roll-formed steel, a new all-bolted, modular mezzanine adds usable space to any warehouse or facility. The structure uses overhead vertical space for work platforms, office areas or extra storage. Cost-effective and easy to install, the mezzanine’s modular layout enables fast turn-around from design through fabrication and assembly. Unarco, 800-862-7261, [url=][/url], Booth 3506.

Compress storage racking, square footage with mobilized system
ActivRAC mobilized storage systems reduce space needs to increase efficiency and maximize square footage. With the system, stationary sections of pallet racking, bulk shelving, cabinets and drawer systems are mounted on carriages that travel on steel rails. The equipment can be surface- or flush-mounted on most existing floors for easy installation with minimal interruption to operations. By moving rows of storage from side to side, the equipment compresses previously idle aisles to compact stored materials into a smaller footprint. Integrated technology permits the system to travel over flat, un-level floors. Systems are reconfigurable and scalable. Spacesaver, 866-767-1888, [url=][/url], Booth 3218.

Optimize carton flow with slotting software
SKUBE slotting software uses data from an operation’s inventory file to analyze and assign products to the correct storage medium. The software ensures that the proper carton flow solution is applied to a stand-alone or integrated order picking system and places fastest movers in the optimal pick face slot to increase pick efficiency. To determine if a defined lane or full bed carton flow solution is best, the software analyzes products’ variability. Summary reports match track width to product width, maximize space utilization stacking by product height, analyze product weight to ensure system capacity is not exceeded, match product length to roll center spacing to ensure flow, and detail restocking requirements based on turnover rates. Unex Manufacturing, 800-334-8639, [url=][/url], Booth 3014.

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