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Show preview: ProMat 2011 products

ProMat 2011, slated for March 21-24, will showcase more than 700 exhibits and include a comprehensive educational conference. The event, to be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, will offer an array of products to help improve productivity at your company.

Scalable staging buffer for goods-to-person picking operations
Generating up to seven times greater throughput in a smaller footprint than conventional storage systems, the Multishuttle staging buffer feeds workstations at high rates to keep workers fully utilized. The system is ideal for applications that require dynamic product sequencing to support goods-to-person order fulfillment, pick face replenishment, palletizing, and production buffers. Included are multiple levels of rack structure, carrier vehicles, conveyor and software. Each level of the rack structure includes input/output conveyor and a carrier vehicle that travels horizontally to access loads stored in the rack structure (typically totes or trays). An extraction device on each carrier vehicle accesses the loads in the rack. The system may be configured in a variety of layouts, including overhead spaces and under/over obstructions for the best cube utilization. Dematic, 800-457-9783, [url=][/url]. Booth 3603 and 3612.

Voice-directed software with graphical management
The latest version of Jennifer VoicePlus software for voice-directed warehouse operations has been released. Included is the Engage management services console, an Internet application that provides a suite of graphical management tools to analyze and manage voice operations. Also offered is Mobile Engage, a smartphone/PDA-based application providing the same management capabilities for mobile devices. This functionality enables managers to be on the warehouse floor without losing touch with critical operational information. The systems are ideal for use in grocery and foodservice, retail, medical products, industrial supply, and consumer product goods distribution. Lucas Systems, 724-940-7000, [url=][/url]. Booth 3879.

Tilt-tray, cross-belt sorters offered
The IntelliSort CB cross-belt and TT tilt-tray sorters for high-volume distribution centers, parcel hubs and fulfillment operations reliably handle sortation in high-capacity, high-speed sorting environments. Both cross-belt and tilt-tray technologies are ideal for use in applications with a variety of product sizes and shapes that require high throughput and accurate sortation. Compact and modular, the sorters may be used in new construction or retrofit applications. Intelligrated, 866-936-7300, [url=][/url]. Booth 2903.

AGV converts to operator-guided forklift
Morphing manual and automatic operations, a new hybrid automated guided vehicle allows an operator to interrupt automatic AGV operations, move product manually and then place the forklift back into fully automatic laser guidance mode. The vehicles are offered in two sizes—3,500- and 5,500-pound capacities—with lifting heights up to 23 feet. Typically interfacing with deep lane floor stacking, pushback rack, drive-in rack and standard racking, the vehicle features industrial lead-acid batteries, laser guidance and navigation, advanced laser safety systems, graphical touchscreen monitor, Windows OS and wireless communications. Options include RFID readers, bar code scanners, 3D camera technology, robotic battery exchange, automatic battery charging, mechanism side-shift and single/double fork systems. Egemin, 616-393-0101, [url=][/url]. Booth 2347.

Robotic imaging, picking cell
The Robo-Pick fully automatic picking cell compiles shipments from two to 20 articles in the correct quantity from a range of 5,000 to 50,000 articles in stock. The system combines 3D and 2D picture processing to identify products on a passing tray. Products in several layers or inclined position, jet-black articles, round products or asymmetric or beveled packages do not affect the vision system. Individual products do not need to be programmed into the system, which uses already existing allocations of transport units and SKUs in automated warehouses to ensure that the customer receives the correct articles. Schaefer Systems, 800-876-6000, [url=][/url]. Booth 2303.

Reinforced construction enhances vertical carousel’s reliability
Engineered for enhanced reliability and uptime, the Avenger vertical carousel uses a patent-pending forging to reduce stress on structure components, plus double-reinforced arm assembly to provide extra strength and durability. Each carrier (shelf) has eight scissor arms to eliminate bending, tearing and breaking. A forging and roller attaches the arms to the track, instead of traditional pin and roller assembly, to reduce stress and prevent system failure and machine damage. The carousel is offered in multiple models for light- to heavy-weight applications, with warranties up to 10 years on some models. Sapient Automation, 800-639-5805 [url=][/url]. Booth 4231.

AS/RS single-mast crane lifts 220 pounds to 39 feet
The Mustang Evo automated storage and retrieval system for mini-load use is a single-mast crane with a maximum payload of 220 pounds and an optimum height of 39 feet. Features include lightweight construction based on aircraft concepts to reduce overall weight by 25% with a lighter mast with specially rolled profiles, consistently adapted material thickness and high-strength bolted connections for increased stiffness. Further enhancements include improvements to the crane’s center of gravity, better distribution of loads to the running wheels, and the elimination of drive motors at the top of the machine for a reduction in maintenance and operational costs. TGW-Ermanco, 231-798-4547, [url=][/url].
Booth 612.

Flexible WMS easy to install
To meet the logistics needs of any size warehouse, the EasyWMS warehouse management system is simple to install and requires minimal implementation time. Flexible enough to be used in facilities with varying levels of complexity, the WMS supports operating systems up to Windows 7. Multi-lingual technical support is offered. Features include the display of real-time statuses of stock levels, locations, productivity and shipments for increased warehouse performance, increased turnover ratios, optimized order preparation, improved online inventories, and reduced time needed for stock management. Interlake Mecalux, 877-632-2589, [url=][/url]. Booth 2012.

Smart AGVs can be used in moving assembly lines
SmartCart AGCs are flexible, low-cost automatic guided vehicles that can be used in assembly lines, to deliver pallets to and from stretch wrappers, roller conveyors and palletizers, or to move loads around a facility. The carts are guided by updated, easy-to-use software that accepts user-authored system changes and enables troubleshooting without outside assistance. For implementation in a continuous moving assembly line, an unlimited number of carts can be synchronized at a close distance, while traveling as slow as 6 feet per minute. Jervis B. Webb, 800-791-3092, [url=][/url]. Booth 2003.

Laser bar code scanner debuts
Offering enhanced coverage, ease of use and flexible connectivity options, the AccuLazr AL5010 laser bar code scanner uses modular components including scan head, mounting base, power supply and choice of interface modules. The unit is ideal for applications including pick modules, print and apply, routing, and sortation. Housed in a rugged IP65 enclosure, the scanner comes in five models and covers distances from 5 to 48 inches. Standard and high-density configurations are supported. Depending on the model, the device includes Ethernet-Ethernet/IP, RS232/422 serial ports, tach input and optional I/O modules with DeviceNet/Profibus plug-ins. Accu-Sort, 800-227-2633, [url=][/url]. Booth 2047.

Counterbalanced AGV for warehousing
Developed for automation of pallet movement in warehouses, the counterbalanced automatic guided vehicle can pick up loads from the floor and block stack or interface with conveyors, stands and racking (standard single deep, pushback, flow through and drive-in). The warehousing AGV uses flexible laser guidance and can use secondary guidance technology if required to navigate in narrow aisles and racking. The vehicle has a maximum capacity of 5,000 pounds and can be configured to handle single or double pallets. JBT, 215-822-4600, [url=][/url]. Booth 3915.

Stand-up counterbalanced lift truck
The models 4150 and 4250 stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks handle load capacities from 3,000 to 5,000 pounds. For a smoother ride, the suspension adapts automatically to each operator’s weight while a cushioned floor mat isolates the driver from impact and vibration. Capable of performing right-angle stacking maneuvers in less total area, the three-wheel vehicles include a dual steer wheel, allowing one wheel to counter-rotate during turns for a shorter turn radius with reduced tire loading and steering friction. Visibility is enhanced with an angled front cover for a clear view of forks as they engage loads on the floor for more accurate handling and stacking. The Raymond Corp., 800-235-7200, [url=][/url]. Booth 3219.

WMS tool for reconciliation of test and production data
For easier reconciliation of test and production environments in multiple sites, the environment manager tool has been added to the supplier’s 2010.2 warehouse management software release. The new tool propagates data between warehouse instances while checking for data differences without requiring duplicate configurations. By generating templates based on static information like locations and item definitions, the module reduces the time needed to go live with new warehouses or bring up new clients within those warehouses. Because it can be configured to ensure the user assembling the data cannot be the same user that propagates it to another system, the tool supports Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. RedPrairie, 877-733-7724, [url=][/url]. Booth 3676.

Independent transport robot, gantry case/layer robot featured
Capable of independently performing random origin to random destination transport, the ADAM intelligent mobile robot is ideal for moving work-in-process materials and finished goods in lean manufacturing and assembly applications. Missions are completed autonomously, navigating around fixed and moving objects, without guide wires, reflectors or transponders. A new gantry robot based case and layer picking solution for automated operation in food, beverage and consumer products distribution facilities is also offered. This flexible, integrated system delivers cases exactly the desired sequence for automated mixed case palletizing or direct trailer loading at the dock. RMT Robotics, 905-643-9700, [url=][/url]. Booth 3503 and 3821.

Move workers, loads with mezzanine platform lift
Traveling from 8 to 18 feet, a line of rider mezzanine lifts is offered. Ideal for moving workers with loads up one to two floors—or to high stages and mezzanines—the units include platforms ranging in size from 6 x 8 to 8 x 12 feet. Advance Lifts, 800-843-3625, [url=][/url]. Booth 2059.

Plastic holders for slotted bins protect labels
Tri-Dex label holders for standard plastic bin label slots are made of clear PVC. Fabricated in a tri-fold configuration, the holders seal and protect the label. Printed labels slide into the holder and snap in place without adhesive backing. The holders are offered five popular sizes to retrofit most standard bins. Laser inserts are included with printing instructions. A single package includes 25 holders. Aigner Index, 800-242-3919, [url=][/url]. Booth 1914.

Expanded pallet jack line
A new line of pallet jacks ranges in capacity from 2,200 to 10,000 pounds, with widths from 16 to 43 inches, and fork lengths from 23 to 96 inches. Where required in pharmaceutical, food or other applications, galvanized and stainless steel jacks are available. Also included in the line are straddle, high-rise scissor, low profile and weigh scale jacks. The trucks feature fully serviceable pumps, heavy-duty steel frames and fully adjustable push rods. Options include automotive brake attachments, load backrests and a choice of wheel configurations and materials. Clark Material Handling, 866-252-5275, [url=][/url]. Booth 2019.

Ergonomic workbenches, customizable
A line of ergonomic modular workbenches and related products and accessories can be customized for specific needs, including enhanced production and a reduction in repetitive motion. The complete product line includes basic workbenches, packaging and mailroom workbenches, computer stations and work surfaces. For further configuration to meet unique application requirements, accessories include adjustable metal shelves, footrests, louvered panels, modular drawer systems, pull-out keyboard rests, tool balancers as well as torque arms. Pro-Line, 800-739-9067, [url=][/url]. Booth 305.

Mini-load AS/RS includes two stacker cranes per level
The Duosys mini-load automated storage and retrieval system includes tuning control technology. This design ensures that its two storage/retrieval machine stacker cranes can function in the same aisle without interference. The units move past each other to perform storage and retrieval operations. The system can be laid out in two levels so that four SRMs operate simultaneously on the same rack, producing throughput of up to 2,200 cases per hour. Daifuku America, 866-414-2057, [url=][/url]. Booth 2003.

Two-toned bins for effective inventory control
Offered as a low-cost alternative to high-end inventory control systems, a line of indicator bins includes two colors in one unit. Formed with a bi-color mold to achieve a two-toned bin, the units simplify visual recognition when supplies need to be replenished. They are stocked with a divider in place to designate volume for inventory reserve, and picked from the blue side until reaching the divider. The bins are then flipped to the orange reserve side to visually indicate low inventory levels and the need for replenishment. Akro-Mils, 800-253-2467, [url=][/url]. Booth 1219.

Image-based bar code reader
The DataMan 500 image-based bar code reader uses custom software to achieve higher read rates by processing the 1D bar codes that laser readers cannot read, including damaged, distorted, blurred, scratched, low height and low contrast codes. It captures images at up to 1,000 frames per second and is capable of reading codes in any orientation. The reader allows users to see what the reader sees on a monitor or through image archiving for later review. Cognex, 508-650-3000, [url=][/url]. Booth 768.

Collapsible plastic container
Offered in two sizes—48 x 45 x 26.5 and 48 x 45 x 34 inches—BV4845 BulkPak containers stack securely when full and collapse when empty for reduced transportation costs and condensed storage. The reusable containers fit 84 filled bins per inbound truckload and 252 collapsed bins per return truckload. Features include improved shipping density with a higher fill line that allows for more product per bin, a replaceable bottom stringer that reduces replacement cost of full base, and optimized spring-loaded latches. Orbis, 888-307-2185, [url=][/url]. Booth 1803.

Forklift fuel cells, hydrogen refueling products
The PowerEdge hybrid fuel cell system replaces standard lead acid batteries in electric lift trucks, and the PowerTap hydrogen generator and refueling station provides a low-emission, cost-effective source of fuel from natural gas. Delivering quick refueling in less than 2 minutes, the systems produce consistent voltage throughout a shift, generating up to 10% gains in productivity. Nuvera Fuel Cells, 617-245-7500, [url=][/url]. Booth 1226.

Repair damaged rack legs
For rack repair, the high strength Elite vertical leg kit is offered. The patented system is engineer-certified to guarantee high resistance to future impacts. Fully bolted, the engineered system anchors to concrete flooring with three 0.75-inch anchors. Mac Rak, 815-723-7400, [url=][/url]. Booth 1277.

Fast battery charging from high frequency system
Using high frequency technology, eMax HF fast charger provides high charger efficiencies at lower operational costs, with high power factors to reduce AC line draws and minimize infrastructure investment. Compact, the charger’s small footprint frees up floorspace. It is always connected and fully networked, with a wireless communications interface for real-time battery and charger fleet management. EnerSys, 800-538-3627, [url=][/url]. Booth 1203.

Fit 315 collapsed containers into trailer
Ideal for applications including manufacturing, plastic packaging products, food processing, dry goods and lightweight plastic components, the Maximizer reusable, collapsible plastic container holds up to 1,000 pounds. It features a 48 x 40 x 41 inch footprint, and folds to allow eight collapsed boxes to occupy the area of one assembled unit for a return ratio of 315 folded containers in a 53-foot trailer. The container can be set up or folded down in minutes and weighs 30% less than other plastic reusable alternatives. Buckhorn, 800-543-4454, [url=][/url]. Booth 1219.

Control, monitor overhead cranes
The LRC- M1 wireless control system for electrical overhead traveling cranes can control up to four motions with two ergonomic, multi-axis joystick controllers. The trolley/hoist selector, two auxiliary push buttons and toggles are mounted on an impact-resistant housing. The system is enhanced by enterprise software to communicate wirelessly and bi-directionally with all fixed or mobile assets on a near real-time basis using either the IP-based cellular networks, 802.11, or both. Cattron Group, 724-962-3571, [url=][/url]. Booth 1859.

Palletizer redesigned for better ergonomics
For enhanced ergonomics, the PalletPal level loader has been redesigned with a new, smaller base that permits the operator to step closer to the platform for faster, safer and easier loading and unloading of pallets. Heavy-duty springs automatically lower or raise a pallet load (from 400 to 4,500 pounds) as weight is added or removed, maintaining the top layer of stacked containers at a convenient height. A turntable ring, or optional turntable platform, at the top of the equipment allows the load to spin so the operator remains in the same spot throughout the loading or unloading process. Operating without power and maintenance free, the unit includes fork pockets at the base for easy relocation. Southworth, 207-878-0700, [url=][/url]. Booth 403.

Industrial fan delivers energy savings
The durable and adaptable 8- to 24-foot diameter PowerfoilX industrial fan generates maximum airflow. Engineered and machined from materials that promote year-round energy savings, the fan includes the supplier’s NitroSeal Drive custom gearbox. It is backed by a 10-year warranty with factory installation. Big Ass Fans, 877-244-3267, [url=][/url]. Booth 408.

New version of WMS features visualization
Version 2.3 of Savanna.NET warehouse management software has been launched. New features include real-time 3D visualization of the warehouse, a dashboard for tracking key operations statistics, streamlined user rights management, and improvements to the order picking module for integrating third-party picking solutions. The Web-based system’s visualization functionality has been developed with gaming software and allows a view of the facility from any angle. Individual items/SKUs can be identified and filtered, as can warehouse zones. Westfalia Technologies, 800-673-2522, [url=][/url]. Booth 3926.

Electric counterbalanced sit-down lift trucks
Eight models of the RX60 series of 80-volt electric counterbalanced sit-down lift trucks are offered. Capacities range from 5,000 to 10,000 pounds. Enhancements include an improved rail that strengthens the mast and limits deflection, travel speeds of 12 miles per hour, and lift speeds of 100 feet per minute. The vehicles include a heavy-duty cast ductile iron steering axle, major electrical component placement inside the counterweight, and thermal protectors. Linde Material Handling-North America, 843-875-8319, [url=][/url]. Booth 641.

Handheld features open platform software
The Omnii modular mobile computing platform allows the supplier, its resellers and developer partners to co-create adaptable solutions through an open, online community. By being almost completely re-configurable in the field, devices built on the platform can be adapted for new technologies or be re-purposed as needs change. The XT10 device uses this platform and is IP65 rated. Features include a 6.5 foot drop rating, Texas Instruments OMAP3 processor, and extended battery life. Psion, 800-322-3437, [url=][/url]. Booth 1423.

Handle longer loads with single-beam gantry crane
A new line of single-beam, rubber-tired gantry cranes—the SB Series—is offered in 15-, 30- and 70-ton models. The cranes are ideal for handling longer loads and tandem picks, replacing a single 100-ton gantry with spreader bar. The weight of the load located directly below the frame. Shuttlelift, 920-743-8650, [url=][/url]. Booth 1176.

Warehouse management and control system
A turnkey solution for warehouse control and automation, supply chain labor, and warehouse information management is offered through a partnership between the supplier and Softeon. The system improves order picking and inventory management, while reducing labor through automated pick, pack and ship technologies. The system is ideal for each picking and mixed SKU item/case/pallet picking and shipping. Numina Group, 630-343-2604, [url=][/url]. Booth 4234.

Standard and custom containers
A comprehensive line of plastic containers, bulk boxes, carousel containers, and vertical lift dividers are offered in more than 3,000 standard sizes and any custom size. Highlighted are a new line of insulated shippers, vertical lift dividers and custom case samples. Custom units are created to meet unique specifications and requirements. Flexcon Container, 908-871-7000, [url=][/url]. Booth 1726.

Steel lockers
Valor lockers are constructed of prime, high-grade steel and feature a 14-gauge door, 16-gauge sides, top and bottom, and a 18-gauge back. An electrical cutout in the rear top corner offers access to an electrical feed for charging laptops, cell phones and other devices. To keep garments cool and dry, the locker features maximum ventilation openings. Lyon Workspace, 800-323-0082, [url=][/url]. Booth 659.

Load transfer station handles 2 loads per minute
A fully automatic load transfer station transfers up to two full loads per minute. Using a pallet stacker, pallet dispenser, input conveyor and an output conveyor, the station receives loads from a conveyor, transfers the load from one load base to another, stacks the pallet and automatically discharges the transferred load onto a conveyor. Transferred loads can then be stored in a high rise automated storage and retrieval system, picked up downstream by a lift truck, or travel to another operation. Columbia Machine, 800-628-4065, [url=][/url]. Booth 972.

Increase conveyor speed with replacement spools
For quick replacement of standard line-shaft conveyor spools, the split-speedup-spool does not require disassembly of the conveyor to replace spools and spacer tubes. The spools increase conveyor speeds by up to 44% while reducing noise. Capable of fitting both 1-inch and 25-millimeter line-shafts, the spools feature alignment notches on one side for fast installation by feel behind frames or guards, and in lit or dark areas. Colored bright green for safety, the spools visually indicate which conveyor zones are moving faster. Dura-Belt, 800-770-2358, [url=][/url]. Booth 352.

Sort high densities at high speeds
Offered with multiple tray configurations to allow for maximum throughput capacity and gentle product handling, high speed unit sorters improve accuracy, productivity and efficiency. The simple and flexible sorters handle high densities at quiet decibels. They are ideal for sorting pharmaceuticals, books, multimedia, small packages, flats, shoes, jewelry, office supplies, e-commerce items, optical products, apparel and accessories. To suit specific application needs, various induction methods and sorting destination types may be specified. EuroSort, 410-363-6345 [url=][/url]. Booth 2619A.

Environmentally friendly suspension packaging
Ideal for low-profile, small electronics, the Korrvu Hybrid packaging creates retention-type surface protection with a suspension-type hold. The system uses a proprietary retention frame and elastomeric film. When the side flaps of the corrugated frame are folded up, the attached film is loosened, creating an insertion pocket where the item is placed. When the flaps are folded down, the film stretches over the product to hold it securely in place. Sealed Air, 800-648-9093, [url=][/url]. Booth 3919.

Pick-to-light for kitting, picking processes
Intended for error-proof use in parts picking, kitting, assembly and sequencing, the Build2Light is a complete light-directed picking system. The system is engineered for production environments, with low cost of entry and scalability, making it ideal for pilot programs. All key hardware is included, enabling operator self-sufficiency, fast installation, and stand-alone function without the need to interface with larger host manufacturing applications. Lightning Pick Technologies, 262-250-2143, [url=][/url], Booth 4250.

New module for RFID-enabled load tracking system
The new Orchestrator work queue and task management module has been added to the VisiblEdge RFID-enabled system that automates data capture for location and identification of lift trucks and their loads. By leveraging automated load and location data capture capabilities, the module improves the forklift operator’s experience. It also integrates with a facility’s WMS or ERP to streamline the distribution and execution of material movement work instructions. Rush Tracking Systems, 913-227-0922, [url=][/url]. Booth 141.

Intelligent jib moves with operator
Offered as an easier-to-move alternative to the traditional workstation jib/chain hoist combo, the G-Jib includes the G-Force intelligent lifting device in conjunction with a workstation jib crane. The actuator of the lifting device stays in a fixed position near the vertical truss of the crane, eliminating the dead weight that comes with moving a hoist along the rail. The system travels with the motion of the operator and is offered in two capacities: 330 and 660 pounds. Gorbel, 800-821-0086, [url=][/url]. Booth 3623.

Inventory management and control software
FastPic5 inventory management and control software now provides a batch handling function to improve throughput and productivity. The software employs three methods: static batching creates batches ahead of time at the order entry department; dynamic batching builds the next batch for the operator to reduce workload; and operator-defined batching allows the picker to create the next batch from a list of pending orders. The system integrates with host software, pick and put-to-light technology and automated storage and retrieval systems to increase throughput up to 600% and accuracy rates up to 99.9%. FastPic, 207-854-8663, [url=][/url]. Booth 2919.

Live roller conveyor replacement belts
The economically priced TF-100T live roller conveyor belt is offered. Capable of navigating small conveyor pulleys, the belt cuts replacement costs. If needed, the unit can be spliced directly into the existing belt. Habasit America, 678-288-3600, [url=][/url]. Booth 1044.

Workstation includes on-board power
To run a computer, printer and other devices simultaneously, the PC series mobile powered workstation incorporates on-board power, along with ample shelf space for products and other items. When charged, the cordless battery offers integrated, seamless power for up to 12 hours of normal use. Six-inch swivel casters lock for stability once the portable station is positioned. Carts come in dimensions up to 24 x 48 x 37 inches with five different battery/inverter/charger packages. Newcastle Systems, 781-935-3450, [url=][/url]. Booth 4768.

Easily identify inventory with clear view storage bins
For inventory organization, clear-view ultra stack and hang bins are made of injection-molded polypropylene. Front, back and side grips provide easy handling, while a built-in, rear hanger suspends the bins from louvered panels or rails. Resistant to rust and corrosion, the bins are waterproof. Dividers maximize flexibility and keep contents organized. Twenty different models are offered, in sizes ranging from 5 x 4.125 x 3 to 17.125 x 14.75 x 10.25 inches and capacities from 8 to 75 pounds. Quantum Storage Systems, 800-685-4665, [url=][/url]. Booth 1922.

Print, apply shipping label and packing slip
For distribution and fulfillment centers, the TwinPrint system includes printers and printer applicators with two printheads that print both the shipping information and a confidential packing slip on a single label. Once applied to the carton, the packing slip is accessed by tearing a zipper strip. The information on the printed liner remains confidential and provides tamper-evident protection during shipping. By repurposing the label liner as the packing slip, the system eliminates a traditional packing slip and plastic envelope from the waste stream. FOX IV Technologies, 877-436-2434, [url=][/url]. Booth 4103.

Customize WMS with applications from app store
Offered as an “app store” for the supplier’s warehouse management system, the App Station is a collection of workflows that can be browsed and added to the WMS at any time. All apps are free and user-installed to add functionality without custom-coding. The system includes access to new supply chain software innovations, and the ability to pick and choose only the functionality needed for the WMS without affecting current customizations. HighJump Software, 800-328-3271, [url=][/url]. Booth 4572.

VLM offers Web-based inventory management
Intended for discrete part storage and retrieval, the PowerColumn3 vertical lift module incorporates automated height sensing for slotting flexibility by tray height. Five tray widths, four depths, two tray-carrying capacities (1,000 and 2,000 pounds), and 11 configurations are included standard. Heights range from 10 to 50 feet, and custom models may be specified. The VLM incorporates intelligent inventory management and control in a software as a service format, allowing the linkage of multiple machines in different locations together through Web-based software. SencorpWhite, 800-275-1442, [url=][/url]. Booth 4407.

Repair floor cracks with deflection device
The Joint-Saver can be used to repair loose, rocking, spalled joints and cracks in flooring that can damage materials handling equipment and cause injury and tipped loads. The cost-effective repair device is offered in three sizes to accommodate a range of floor thicknesses in ambient and cold temperature environments. The units eliminate damaging deflection and permanently restore smooth, positive load transfer at all joints and cracks. Surface Dynamics, 800-584-5553, [url=http://www.someromatsongroup]http://www.someromatsongroup[/url]. Booth 1274.

Five models of laser guided vehicles
For high volume consumer goods manufacturers, a laser guided vehicle line comes in five standard models: counter-balanced narrow, counter-balanced wide, single reach, double reach and very narrow aisle. These fourth-generation LGVs include AC drives and motors, advanced torque control, full Windows-based control system, one-piece frame construction, standard electrical components, and advanced remote support for controls system and components. The vehicles interface with block and floor storage, selective rack, drive-in rack and gravity flow rack. Elettric 80, 618-433-9290, [url=][/url]. Booth 2031.

Show pickers tasks, picks with visual WMS
To streamline putaway, picking and packing, the version 8 of the EliteSeries warehouse management system includes a new visual logistics paradigm. The new module leverages visual communication for system-directed tasks that in a faster format that is more understandable by pickers to increase throughput and accuracy. The delivers instructions to workers directly on their RF gun or handheld computer and visually communicates the activities they can execute in an optimum time. Tecsys, 800-922-8649, [url=][/url]. Booth 3872.

New products include tugger, heavy-duty workstation components, rollers
Three new product lines include the BST automated guided vehicle tugger, a 42-mm pipe-and-joint system for heavy-duty applications, and a roller conveyor system. The AGV drives under a stationary cart equipped with a BST hitch, extends a tow pin to engage the cart and moves it to a predetermined location. The pipe-and-joint system creates heavy-duty structures without the need for excessive bracing and is ideal for assembly and finishing operations where part size and weight require workstations with powered height adjustment capabilities, flow racks and carts. The Placon roller conveyors deliver stability and smooth flow from wide plastic wheels in a variety of sizes to accommodate totes with soft bottoms or open cell designs. Creform,
800-839-8823, [url=][/url]. Booth 4814.

Charger for batteries
The Legacy Titanium HF industrial battery charger uses advanced high frequency, insulated gated bipolar transistor charging technology. The charger delivers a high power factor and high efficiency to reduce utility demand charges and AC consumption. The system constantly diagnoses a battery’s condition and adjusts the charge for full, accurate charging. It is ideal for tubular, flat plate and flooded lead acid batteries. Douglas Battery, 800-211-3684, [url=][/url]. Booth 1121.

Single mobile computer performs multiple tasks
Delivering faster real-time data capture through its PXA 320 806 MHz processor that runs either Windows Mobile 6.5 or Windows CE 6.0, the Tecton rugged handheld computer performs multiple tasks. Multi-range scanning capabilities enable bar code reads from 4 inches to 40 feet. Features include an easy-grip handle with two-finger trigger, molded rubber grip, wrist strap, scan vibration signal to verify successful scans, and multiple built-in data-entry options, including a 3.5-inch touchscreen with stylus, 55 or 32 key backlit keypads, and voice technology. LXE, 800-664-4593, [url=][/url]. Booth 4268.

ERP suite focused on cost reduction, process improvement
The new release of Epicor 9.05 enterprise resource planning suite includes capabilities focused on cost reduction, process improvement and customer responsiveness. Available in 50 countries, the release introduces lean performance metrics, enhanced quality assurance, and a focus on both inbound enterprise asset management and outbound aftermarket mobile service management. Expanded functionality for measuring key performance indicators across all operations includes advanced financial reporting capabilities, an embedded configurable asset management engine, and advanced allocations module. Epicor Software, 800-999-6995, [url=][/url]. Booth 3571.

System helps retailers plan assortments based on customer buying habits
To help retailers predict consumer buying habits, the customer-preference planning product monitors purchases and selection drivers to help with merchandise and assortment planning. The system improves return on investment by matching assortment strategy with customer preferences and financial goals with tailoring to match local demographics. The system is offered as part of the supplier’s planning and forecasting supply chain process platform suite, which facilitates interactions among multiple software applications. Manhattan Associates, 678-597-7274, [url=][/url]. Booth 3668.

Zoned accumulation conveyor
For handling of medium- to heavy-duty loads, a zoned accumulation conveyor features roll-to-roll chain driven live rollers. Zone lengths can be configured to coincide with the product lengths, with the entire conveyor length driven by a single power unit. Clutch assemblies are mounted on the side frame of the conveyor, with the top of each roller as low as 6 inches off the floor, for a low profile—ideal for heavy loads and pallet conveying. Rollers are offered in diameters of 1.9, 2.5 and 3.5 inches and widths up to 60 inches, with typical loads weighing up to 6,000 pounds. TKF, 513-241-5910, [url=][/url]. Booth 2249.

Rugged mobile computer
Offered in handheld and pistol grip versions, the Falcon X3 provides real-time data capture and communication for accurate inventories and enhanced productivity. It may be equipped with either laser scanner or 2D imager with a read feedback function to ensure accuracy. To integrate seamlessly with WMS and ERP management systems, the mobile computer is packaged with Windows CE or Windows Mobile 6.5. For peak communication coverage, the device includes a Summit Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g radio with unique diversity antenna. Other features include numeric and alphanumeric keyboards located at the operator’s fingertips, a universal numeric phone key layout, crisp display and backlit keyboard. The computer resists numerous drops from 6 feet. Datalogic Mobile, 800-929-7899, [url=][/url]. Booth 4108. 

Double handling capacity with spiral conveyor
To handle double the capacity of the supplier’s standard products, a new high-capacity spiral conveyor has been introduced. The conveyors ship in one piece to reduce time and cost of installation. Maximum load capacity is 75 pounds per linear foot at speeds up to 200 feet per minute, meaning the total weight capacity in the spiral at any one time is 3,600 pounds. For savings in energy, as well as controls and system integration, only one drive motor is required. The spirals can also be configured with a high-speed induction conveyor to allow loads to enter from several different elevations. Ryson International, 757-898-1530, [url=][/url]. Booth 1523.

New swivel technology integrated into heavy-duty, forged steel casters
Outperforming conventional CNC-machined ball raceways, kingpinless and unit-load bearing swivel constructions, a new swivel technology is offered on the supplier’s heavy-duty forged steel casters. Load capacities range from 600 to 23,000 pounds. The new HPI configuration improves the bearing’s element of contact to double the number of contact points. Equipped with raceways that are 45% harder than conventional models, and a smooth, 16 micro inch finish, the casters swivel more easily under heavy loads. Hamilton Caster, 800-733-7655, [url=][/url]. Booth 2662.

Modular, tear-drop connection storage rack
A universally compatible, tear-drop pallet rack system includes four column profiles and nine popular beam sizes for maximum flexibility in creating and expanding pallet rack storage systems. Fully welded uprights are roll formed in either four or six bend column profiles with 2-inch vertical adjustability, and include weld-on baseplates, a center reinforcing column rib and heavier bracing for strength, rigidity and impact resistance. For positive beam-to-column engagement, all beams feature a patented, rugged automatic spring-lock pin mechanism. The racks are ideal for selective and high-density storage. Ridg-U-Rak, 866-479-7225 [url=][/url] Booth 1241.

Electric trucks lift 4,000 pounds
The E30-40XN series of electric lift trucks is available in 3,000 and 4,000 capacities. The vehicles include newly designed operator compartments, increased floor space, auto deceleration system to reduce operator fatigue for materials handling applications. By utilizing AC motors and transistor controller technology for the traction and hydraulic systems, cost of maintenance is reduced. The thermal management system continuously monitors the controller and motor temperature and, upon identifying irregularity, the system protects the component by automatically adjusting truck performance. Hyster, 800-497-8371, [url=][/url]. Booth 1503.

Patented double leg ratchet pallet
The ProStack double leg ratchet plastic pallet features solid construction with telescoping double legs to extend its life in tough handling situations. The pallet’s stringer is oriented to prevent pallet jack wheels from stopping on top of it, eliminating damage when misplaced pallet jacks are over-pumped, breaking the top deck. Other features include a ratchet locking system up to four-times stronger than welded or snap construction, edge-rackability to 2,200 pounds, and FM-approved fire retardance. For a smooth finish, enhanced stiffness and better resistance to impacts, the pallets are formed in a gas-assist molding process. Polymer Solutions International, 877-444-7225, [url=][/url]. Booth 205.

Pivoting shelves enhance capacity of mobile cart
The Tip-Up shelf cart includes integrated shelves that move and maneuver effortlessly. The carts increase storage and make part arranging easier. When the counterbalanced shelves are lifted, pivoting is offset with added weight. The shelves automatically lock in place, giving the operator full access to the entire span without exertion. Shelves are loaded from bottom to top, with each shelf above tipped up as needed. Topper Industrial, 262-886-6931, [url=][/url]. Booth 4564.

Easily replace damaged panels on high-speed door
Featuring easily replaceable, exchangeable panels made of vinyl, mesh, or clear PVC, G-2 high-speed roll-up doors can be repaired or modified to accommodate seasonal changes without down time or destruction to the door. Rated for wind loads of 45 miles per hour (10 x 12-foot unit), the doors automatically reset after impact or blow out. Fiberglass extrusions slide securely in custom extruded aluminum side beams for manual and motorized operations including chain hoist, or 12-, 28- or 36-inches per second. Goff’s Enterprises, 800-234-0337, [url=][/url]. Booth 312.

Dynamic sensor controls warehouse lighting
Unlike conventional sensors that switch rack and warehouse lighting fixtures on and off, the InteLite dynamic sensor provides a safe transient mode that reduces typical aisle or storage area lighting expenses by 90%. Intelligent controls activate lighting based on two types of motion: transient, which illuminates aisle zones with safe, low-level lighting for personnel passing through, and task, with individual fixtures illuminated at a maximum level when sustained activity is detected. Orion Energy Systems, 800-660-9340, [url=][/url]. Booth 1916.

Compact scissor lift has 2,000-pound capacity
The DXL series compact scissor lifts feature a smaller footprint than standard lifts while offering 2,000 pounds of lifting capacity. The lifts are ideal for work positioning, assembly, repair and inspection applications in factories, warehouses and repair shops. A double scissor mechanism allows for a low, 6-inch collapsed height while providing a 42-inch raised height. To operate the 1/3 horsepower motor, a foot switch is included. The unit comes equipped with a standard 18 x 30 inch platform. Other platforms, including oversized tops, may be specified. Presto Lifts, 800-343-9322, [url=][/url]. Booth 1831.

Wood block rental pallets hold 2,800 pounds
Used by manufacturers and retailers throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, a wood block rental pallet measures 48 x 40 inches. Constructed with 26 boards and 138 fasteners per unit, the edge-rackable pallets hold loads weighing up to 2,800 pounds. Features include 87% top deck coverage, non-slip traction in refrigerated areas, and no deflection in overhead racks. The pallets are made from No. 2 grade Douglas fir and Southern yellow pine lumber that is sustainably forested. To control infestation, mold and moisture the pallets are kiln-dried; they are not treated with chemicals or hazardous materials. PECO Pallet, 877-227-7326, [url=][/url]. Booth 2270.

Lift up to 50 tons with wire rope hoist
A line of wire rope hoists comes in capacities from 25 to 50 tons. The Yale Global Max HC double-girder style hoist features an external motor to optimize cooling and maximize accessibility. The remote mounting of the motor and brake prevents heat transfer in either direction and allows for easy maintenance. The hoist includes a sealed, fully enclosed, pressure tested gearbox with all gears submerged in oil for protection. To eliminate slack rope during operation, a fully enclosed free loop guide is incorporated. Columbus McKinnon, 800-888-0985, [url=][/url]. Booth 1838.

Truck series lifts up to 19,000 pounds
Offered with a choice of engines, the Veracitor VX truck series features low fuel consumption, minimal noise, and reduced maintenance and operating costs. Both cushion and pneumatic tire classes are included. Capable of lifting capacities from 3,000 to 19,000 pounds, the trucks employ a maintenance-free, built-in stability system. The rugged powertrain incorporates computer-controlled engine and transmission, sturdy clutch packs, and strong gears and shafts. All transmissions have smooth electronic inching to cut maintenance costs by eliminating periodic adjustments. Yale Materials Handling, 800-233-9253, [url=][/url]. Booth 1003.

Modular vertical lifts debut
Two new modular vertical lifts have debuted. The Series D direct hydraulic lift for medium loads includes limited moving parts for easy maintenance. It is ideal for in-plant mezzanine, balcony and self-storage applications. It features carriage sizes up to 6 x 6 feet, handles payloads up to 3,000 pounds, and moves loads up to 15 feet high at a standard speed of 17 feet per minute. The Series B modular lift moves boxes, cartons, barrels, loose parts and other portable loads to and from mezzanines and basements, or between two floors. The lift moves loads up to 500 pounds to heights up to 20 feet at a speed of 40 feet per minute. Pflow Industries, 414-352-9000, [url=][/url]. Booth 1216.

Voice software supports central application management
Version 4.0 of Voxware 3 software for voice picking has been released, featuring an expansion of its voice management module. The upgrades enable the deployment and management of voice picking applications from a central data center across multiple warehouses of differing sizes and layouts. Other features include enhancements to order picking, replenishment, and putaway applications. To enhance open hardware support, the software also includes embedded, enterprise-grade AirWatch mobile device management technology, allowing for secure monitoring, management and support of all mobile devices in a fleet. Voxware, 609-514-4100, [url=][/url]. Booth 3672.

Automate dimensioning, weighing for shipping
To eliminate freight-carrier charge-backs, the CubiScan 150 automates the dimensioning and weighing of parcels in manifesting/shipping applications. It is user-installable, user-serviceable, and portable for relocation throughout a warehouse. The device is certified to a variety of legal-for-trade standards. It works in conjunction with the supplier’s Qbit data-interface software, allowing it to interact with any WMS. Quantronix, 800-488-2823, [url=][/url]. Booth 3912.

Decentralized control for materials handling
Movifit intelligent decentralized control combines with drive application and communication technologies for automotive, food and beverage, logistics and other materials handling applications. Offered in standard IP65 and hygienic washdown IP69K-rated construction, the system is flexible and scalable in a range of environments. Preconfigured control routines for horizontal and vertical conveyor applications provide ready-to-use functions that simplify programming and start-up. SEW-Eurodrive, 864-661-1120, [url=][/url]. Booth 1555.

ProMat 2011 will be held March 21 - 24, 2011 at McCormick Place South in Chicago. The tradeshow will showcase the latest manufacturing, distribution and supply chain solutions in the material handling and logistics industry.

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