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News, trends, products and productivity solutions that showcase the latest in ergonomic equipment, systems and process for warehouses and distributions centers.

The exoskeleton evolution
Today’s devices are more comfortable and user friendly than ever, but they’re still seeking widespread adoption. Using Exoskeletons for ergonomics in warehouse activity.

Traka launches intelligent key cabinets
All those keys to valuable assets such as lift trucks or other vehicles, or to doors for battery rooms or valuable tools, or critical spares for automation, can be digitally secured and managed with a new line of intelligent key cabinets from Traka (Booth S3375).

Southworth International Group Inc. appoints Dr. Mirka Wilderer to its board of directors
Dr. Wilderer, one the top female executives in the water industry, will bring unique knowledge and fresh perspective to board of SIGI, which is known for its ergonomic vertical positioning equipment.

How does your supply chain diversity measure up?
Modern Materials Handling teamed with WERC, MHI and MHEDA for our first benchmark supply chain diversity study. The result: The industry is changing, but there is more work to be done.

Ergonomics, on or off the truck
Today’s lift trucks and standup orderpickers are designed with ergonomics in mind, but new types of wearables are another means of reducing strains and risk of injury for operators.

Allied Electronics & Automation’s DC makeover
In Fort Worth, a leading distributor of automation controls turned to technology and automation to accelerate growth.

New ideas to improve safety and ergonomics
Better body mechanics. Less potential Covid exposure. Improved picking performance. Fewer injuries. Those are four of the benefits that wearables and warehouse software are bringing to people out on the DC floor.

Presto ECOA features its P4 Roll-On Load Leveler
Presto ECOA is displaying its P4 Roll-On Load Leveler with Turntable, a platform that essentially sits flush to the floor when it’s fully lowered, enabling operators to place or remove pallet loads with ordinary hand pallet trucks.

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Rittal Cooling Units and Chillers Now UL/CSA 60335-2-40 Approved
Industrial automation and climate control news

Southworth Products displays PalletPal 360 level loaders
This week at ProMatDX, Southworth Products Corp is exhibiting its PalletPal 360 spring level loaders.

Big Ass Fans exhibits its Clean Air System
Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air System, which is being presented during ProMatDX, is able to kill up to 99.99% of pathogens—including SARS-CoV-2—within minutes.

Topper Industrial reveals its Tuggable Bar Cart
Topper Industrial is showcasing its Tuggable Bar Cart.

ProGMA publishes new standard for testing industrial guardrail barriers and posts
The new standard, ANSI MH31.2-2021, provides a test method of evaluating performance characteristics for industrial guardrail barriers and barrier posts.

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Johnstone Supply Makes Order Pickup an Easy Win for Contractors
Apex Will Call Smart Locker Solution helps contractors stay productive and avoid showroom lines.

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The Upender, Improving Worker Safety
The Upender is an ergonomic “lifting aid” that helps prevent worker injuries, lowering the cost of claims and downtime.

Food retailer chooses highly connected dock equipment
Featuring controllers that connect to the Cloud, the equipment offers insights into loading dock activity.

MHR’s HVLS fans enhance employee comfort
The fans have yielded a 10- to 12-degree temperature reduction during warmer months.

Young Windows adopts mobile, height-adjustable workbenches
The workbenches offer flexibility, ease of use, improved lighting and durability.

Venida Packing successfully implements fabric ductwork
The custom fruit packer’s fabric duct and suspension system has a high-throw airflow.

Carts, tuggers and casters: The unsung heroes of the warehouse
Here’s how manufacturers of carts, tuggers and casters are helping companies navigate the complexities of a labor shortage, a global pandemic and the ongoing e-commerce boom.

May 2023 Modern Materials Handling

An iconic American brand is partnering with DHL Supply Chain to build out a network to meet soaring demand. It’s also turning to flexible automation to optimize operations.

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