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Comprehensive news on the most advanced systems for mobility and mobile data collection & paperless picking of inventory through RFID and wireless technologies.

Barcoding, Inc. joins Graham Partners
In Graham's view, what Barcoding offers plays a critical role in the automation landscape-partnering with Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) original equipment manufacturers to facilitate the utilization of AIDC equipment and software and enable end customers to automate and digitize their supply chain infrastructure.

Maersk tackles flexibility and variability with innovation
With a focus on predictability and effiency, Erez Agmoni, Maersk’s head of global innovation, is adding new technologies to Maersk’s toolbox.

Lift truck computing: Practicality reigns supreme
New operating systems and form factors aside, forklift computing gear needs to match conditions and save time for operators.

Loftware enters global technology alliance with Toshiba
Agreement covers development, support, and approval of Toshiba drivers for Loftware NiceLabel labeling and print Solutions

Barcoding, Inc. acquires Procensis, Inc.
Supply chain solution provider Barcoding expands enterprise mobility services with latest acquisition

Voice picking solutions gains impact with integration
Voice-directed solutions do more than translate pick lists in voice instructions. These solutions are multi-modal, using wearable scanners and Android device screens when appropriate, and have evolved to handle work execution functions and integrate with mobile robots.

JLT Mobile Computers debuts updated forklift-mount computers and software dashboard
JLT Mobile Computers (Booth S3275) is highlighting the upgraded JLT6012 forklift-mount computers and JLT Insights software dashboard at ProMat 2023.

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. names new president
Mark Lippert becomes just the sixth president in company history

Wireless Mobility: Ready for the next leg up
Widely used inside the four walls, wireless mobile devices from scanners and printers to tablets are a strong player in facility productivity. Recent advances ensure that they’ll become increasingly valuable to workflows and throughput efficiencies.

Gaining efficiency at the point of task
By adopting wearable scanners paired with Android tablets and their own mounts, RAM Mounts gained a 15% increase in warehouse efficiency.

Voice efficiency as a revenue generator
A leading publisher and distributor of learning materials benefited from deployment of voice-directed systems to gain efficiencies for its fulfillment operations—and now leverages these efficiencies as part of a 3PL business model that turns DC capacity into revenue.

Newcastle Systems moves to larger location to meet demand for its mobile powered carts
New space in n Amesbury, Mass., includes offices and a 40,000-square-foot warehouse

RFID Read Write Devices with Turck’s IO Link
With Turck's IO-Link RFID devices, RFID can be added to IO-Link applications in no time at all

MHPN - Material Handling 24/7: Readers’ Choice Products of the Year 2021 Winners
Material Handling Product News and are pleased to announce the recipients of a 2021 MHPN Products of the Year Readers' Choice Award.

The next wave of mobile printing
We’ve all heard it: Never waste a crisis. So now is a good time to take a look at how mobile bar code printing can replace some of the craziness of Covid supply chains with accuracy and speed of labeling parts for delivery.

Midwestern food supplier modernizes DC operations with Honeywell technologies
The Castellini Company deploys rugged mobile and vehicle mount computers, tablets, from Honeywell, and also supporting cloud-based platform to help manage devices

Try Before You Buy: The importance of testing your rugged warehouse devices
It’s easy to buy a product based on the specification and think it will be fit for purpose, but you only get a true picture of how it works when you try it. Investing time in testing rugged devices uncovers unforeseen surprises that can complicate deployment, limit the productivity of your personnel and increase the cost over time.

Mobile automation takes on expanding requirements
A mobile goods-to-person order picking system helps an abrasives products maker efficiently fill orders from expanded inventory, while also bringing some training and retention benefits.

Voice serves up productivity gain for food distributor
Anacapri Foods’ deployment of a voice solution supports 20% more order volume without adding DC staff. The N.J.-based distributor also benefits from analytics software that provides insight into picker throughput and performance.

60 Seconds with Steven Bowen, CEO of Maine Pointe
Our editor sat down with Mr. Bowen to discuss his experience in the supply chain industry.

September 2023 Modern Materials Handling

Providers of automated packaging and carton right-sizing solutions have thrived by offering systems that deliver on labor and parcel shipment savings— now they’re looking to further evolve by looking to use lighter materials and support flexible “box-first” workflows.

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