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Comprehensive news and articles about maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) for warehouses and distribution centers.

Technician Spotlight: Kenneth Mainville, SSI Schaefer Systems International
Modern Materials Handling Maintenance, Repair and Operations Staff sat down with Kenneth Mainville or SSI Schaefer Systems International to discuss being a Automation technician.

The Upside of Software Upgrades
No one wants to fiddle with software for the sake of it, but by keeping up with software upgrades and seeking solutions that aid with issues like integration testing or security patches, warehouse operations can be more effective. Find out what levels in the warehouse tech stack need upgrade attention, and what the payoffs are to doing upgrades the right way.

How’s Your Mobile Data Device Maintenance?
Whether it’s a printer, tablet or scanner, maintenance downtime can bring your materials handling system to a complete halt. But so can equipment that is simply out of alignment. Traditional solutions to these challenges are being joined by advanced platforms that monitor performance and device condition.

Making the Case for Lift Truck/MRO, Maintain and sustain your operations
Insight to help your fleet operations keep pace with the digital world

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) at ES3
One of the grocery industry’s largest distributors is on the path to continuous improvement and predictive maintenance. ES3 uses MRO to keep up with Warehouse Operation at ES3

Brain Corp and Nilfisk announce technology partnership
Nilfisk will license Brain Corp’s BrainOS technology, the leading AI platform for the production, deployment, and support of autonomous mobile robots.

What Makes Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) Programs Successful?
A survey of key MRO maintenance decision makers shows that users have many ways to manage service programs and spare parts. However, the key to success is an active and proactive approach with clear responsibilities regardless of who in the organization is involved.

Single Source of Truth with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
Here are some tips for how to arrive at solid maintenance information as well as a look at how analytics software is bridging CMMS with real-time operations data.

Is Poor Battery Maintenance Limiting Productivity?
It's no understatement to say that lift truck battery maintenance is an after thought in most warehouses. Unfortunately, it can be a costly oversight that can hurt the most when top lift truck productivity is most needed.

Maintenance Repair and Operation Technician Spotlight: Nikolai Ouchakov, OPEX Corp.
The Modern MRO team sat down with an automated storage and robotic sorting technician to give you an idea of what is like working in the field.

Motion Industries to acquire automation and robotics company
Motion Industries, a leading distributor of MRO replacement parts and a wholly owned subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company (GPC), announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Axis New England and Axis New York.

Have you checked your lift truck tires enough lately?
Probably not. But as you’re about to read, plenty of opportunities are available to spend too much too often if you ignore proper maintenance.

Guarding has your back - and more
Accidents happen. But the potential impact can be reduced with the use of guarding from rack protectors to netting and safety gates. Here’s a look at how to be proactive in safeguarding your facility before something happens.

MRO Technician Spotlight: Jordan Vander Woude
The MRO Editorial staff sat down with Jordan Vande Woude of Dematic to discuss the technician field.

Partnership between university and industry solves real-world problems
A project to reduce storage and product movement costs improves supply chain performance for Goodwill Industries while building skills for the next generation of supply chain professionals.

Don’t ignore your warehouse floors
Here are seven steps that all warehouse and DC managers should be taking to preserve the life of their facility floors.

End-of-life management: Have a plan
Planning for the inevitable will ensure low costs, high productivity and improved safety across your lift truck fleet.

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Taking Advantage of the Toyota 360 Support Promise
The Toyota 360 Support promise isn’t just an aftermarket tool for purchase. It’s our promise to integrate with your problems and to help you find material handling solutions wherever possible.

Manufacturing skills data for 2018 identifies increased skill levels in U.S.
This could mark the first time in 19 years that average assessment scores have increased in two out of three consecutive years.

Motion Industries acquires Hydraulic Supply Company (HSC)
HSC is a full service distributor, offering customers a selection from more than 8,000 hydraulic, pneumatic, and industrial products.

September 2023 Modern Materials Handling

Providers of automated packaging and carton right-sizing solutions have thrived by offering systems that deliver on labor and parcel shipment savings— now they’re looking to further evolve by looking to use lighter materials and support flexible “box-first” workflows.

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