By LM Staff · March 23, 2018
Rail carloads headed up 7.5% annually at 263,352, and intermodal trailers and containers increased 12.7% annually to 273,986 units.
By LM Staff · March 9, 2018
Rail carloads, at 1,028,141, were down 0.3%, or 2,753 carloads, compared to February 2017. Intermodal containers and trailers saw a 3.3%, or 68,217 unit gain, to 2,132,142 in February.
By Jeff Berman · March 2, 2018
Carloads decreased 1.3% to 251,970, and intermodal containers and trailers posted a 6.7% annual gain at 276,470.
By LM Staff · February 16, 2018
Carloads slipped 0.5% annually to 251,058, and intermodal containers and trailers, at 268,487, saw a 3.7% annual gain.
By Jeff Berman · January 26, 2018
Carloads fell 7.6% annually to 241,258, and intermodal containers and trailers saw a 1.8% annual gain to 266,981.
By LM Staff · January 19, 2018
Freight volumes, Intermodal containers and trailers headed up 5% to 270,586, ahead of the 207,216 recorded for the week ending January 6.
By Jeff Berman · January 4, 2018
2017 U.S. carloads increased 2.9%, or 381,266 carloads, annually to 13,478,126, compared to 2016’s 13,096,860. Intermodal containers and trailers headed up 3.9%, or 521,121 units, annually to 14,011,834 for the highest annual tally ever recorded for the segment. Intermodal trucking rates
By LM Staff · December 15, 2017
Carloads, at 267,963, were up 3.4% annually, and intermodal containers and trailers rose 4.6% annually to 292,793 units.
By Jeff Berman · December 8, 2017
Carloads were essentially flat, falling 0.9%, or 11,442 carloads, annually to 1,307,521, and intermodal containers and trailers headed up 3.8% annually, or 50,029 units, to 1,369,160, with the AAR noting that intermodal volume is still on track to set a new annual record this year.
By LM Staff · November 3, 2017
Carloads, at 1,065,777, were off 0.1%, or 1,220, annually and intermodal set a new monthly record with a 6.4% annual gain to 1,144,157.
By Jeff Berman · October 6, 2017
Carloads fell 2.3%, or 24,106, annually to 1,044,563, and Intermodal volumes in September headed up 3.8%, or 39,482 units, to 1,080,444 containers and trailers.
By LM Staff · September 29, 2017
U.S. carloads were down 2% annually to 263,200, and intermodal containers and trailers headed up 5.1% to 285,004, which set a new weekly record.
By Jeff Berman · September 22, 2017
Carloads fell 3.6% to 260,771, and intermodal containers and trailers saw a slight gain, rising 0.9% to 270,003.
By Jeff Berman · September 8, 2017
The month of August was a bit of a mixed bag for United States rail carload and intermodal volumes, with carloads down slightly and intermodal having its best volume month ever, according to data issued this week by the Association of American Railroads (AAR).

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