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May 2017 MMH Issue
In this issue:
  • Materials Handling Innovation (and why it matters)
  • Information Management: Changing role of ERP
  • Special Report: Top 20 systems suppliers
  • Best Practices: Inventory Management
  • Equipment Report: Next-gen overhead handling
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April 2017 Issue
In this issue:
  • Thrive Market's startup distribution network
  • Information Managment: The evolving DC tech stack
  • Special Report: Annual outlook survey
  • Equipment Report: Conveyor & sortation update
  • Best Practices: Putaway101
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March 2017 Modern Materials Handling Online Issue
In This Month Issue:
  • ProMat 2017: Innovate, adapt, & evolve
  • System Report: Inside Lawson Products' Distribution Center
  • Equipment Report: Rack systems for e-commerce
  • Big Picture: Supply chain basics
  • Lift Truck Series: Fleet management
  • Special Report: Annual Productivity Achievement Award winners
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February 2017 Modern Materials Handling Issue
In This Month Issue:
  • Johnson & Johnson's visionfor automation
  • Show Preview: Plan for ProMat
  • Information Management: Why execution needs planning
  • Best Practices: Warehouse basics series
  • Equipment Report: Automated storage in motion
  • and more..
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January 2017 Issue
In this Issue:
  • LEDVANCE embraces AGV's
  • Lift Truck Series: Technician training
  • Information Management: Finding labor efficiencies
  • Best Practices: 7 e-commerce best practices
  • Equipment Report: AGVs take on new roles
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December 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • Sustainable distribution at REI
  • Big Picture: Supply chain education
  • Information Management: Trends in wearables
  • Special Report: Top 20 warehouses 2016
  • Equipment Report: Mezzanines
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November 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • Whirlpool puts mobile robots to work
  • 2016 Annual Salary Survey
  • Next-day delivery
  • Top 20 Automatic Data Capture suppliers 2016
  • Lift Truck Series: Fleet Management
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October 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • Special Packaging Issue: Brownells, Built for Growth
  • Reader Survey: Pallets Remain Critical
  • Equipment Report: Think outside the box
  • Information Management: Weighing the value of your data
  • Best Practices: Reopening the case
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September 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • American Eagle's omni-channel journey
  • Big Picture: SCE Roundtable
  • Information Management: Do you need a new WMS?
  • Equipment Report: Trends at the dock
  • Best Practices: 3PLs bid on new proposal
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July 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • Destination Maternity: Destination automation
  • Top 20 SCM software suppliers
  • Results of annual software user survey
  • Data capture update
  • The catch of waveless
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June 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • Hibbett Sports: Fast, Flexible and Efficient
  • Looking at the Last Mile
  • Reinventing the Wheel
  • System Integration Roundtable
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May 2016 Issue
In this issue:
  • Quiet Logistics' next step into robotics
  • Top 20 system suppliers
  • Overhead handling trends
  • Can cloud WMS catch on big?
  • Ergonomics: Keep your workers comfortable and productive
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From the May 2017 MMH Issue
Every company considers itself an innovator. It’s time to include materials handling leaders in that category.
Top 20 Worldwide Materials Handling Systems Suppliers 2017
ERP Suppliers’ Changing Role
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Materials Handling Innovation (and why it matters)
Every company considers itself an innovator. It’s time to include materials handling leaders in...
Thrive Market’s Startup Distribution Network
How does a fastgrowing, e-commerce startup company build out order fulfillment capabilities? Thrive...

U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics: Version 2.0 released today
On Tuesday, the U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics: Version 2.0 will be released on...
2017 Productivity Achievement Awards
Modern’s annual Productivity Achievement Awards honor companies that have made exceptional...