Connell Limited Partnership completes its acquisition of SencorpWhite

Acquisition enhances capabilities for supply chain management from point of manufacture to the point of use.

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Boston-based Connell Limited Partnership, a global manufacturer serving the automobile, appliance, mining, rail, and industrial equipment industries, has completed its acquisition of SencorpWhite.

SencorpWhite is a global leader in customized, end-to-end automated solutions for the packaging industry through its Sencorp, Ceratek and Cerapak product lines, and the management of high-value inventory through its White product line. The acquisition is intended to help SencorpWhite accelerate its growth as a designer and manufacturer of thermoformed plastic formers, medical pouch and tray sealers, and automated storage and retrieval systems incorporating enhanced product identification for the life science and food industries.

Additionally, SencorpWhite will increase its research and development activities and strengthen its presence in existing markets and expand into adjacent and complimentary markets through an expansion of sales and customer support teams, and strategic acquisitions.

SencorpWhite’s products and services serve businesses in the healthcare/life sciences, fresh food, medical products, consumer packaging and industrial warehouse/distribution industries. Companies in these sectors are facing a variety of complex challenges, including stricter regulations, demand for customization, increased security risks, tighter budgets, and the push to adopt new technologies and efficiencies made possible by the “Internet of Things.”

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