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AC-powered forklift in four models
Offered as an alternative to fossil fuel-powered equipment, the QX series of 80-volt, AC-powered electric trucks produce fast travel and lifting speeds with long battery run times. Features include three pre-set performance modes, secure PIN access to personalized performance settings, and a multi-function LCD for on-board diagnostics (including self-test and coded service history). The series uses advanced AC traction and hydraulic pump motors that reduce maintenance and lower total cost of ownership. Ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 pound capacities, the QX comes in four models. Nissan Forklift, 815-568-0061,

Tight turns no problem for 3-wheel, counterbalanced truck
Engineered for productivity and energy efficiency, the model 4450 three-wheel, sit-down counterbalanced truck smoothly transports products and stacks pallets. Features include a short head length to reduce turn radius in tight spaces and capacities up to 4,000 pounds. Selectable travel speeds enable the operator to adjust the truck to the application for better control, reducing speeds for trailer unloading and speeding up for long distance transport. The truck also includes oil-cooled disc brakes for longer brake life and cost savings, a common battery compartment for use in mixed fleets, and side-of-truck battery access for easier, faster changes. The Raymond Corp., 800-235-7200,

AC-powered trucks energy efficient
Offered in 4,000 to 6,500 pound load capacities—including a new 5,500-pound model—the 8-series line of four-wheel AC electric lift trucks is ideal for indoor handling. The power system is comprised of a series of subsystems to conserve and regenerate power for maximum productivity between battery charges while compensating for battery depletion and performance loss. Maintenance-free, the power system contains no motor brushes, springs, commutator or wearable parts. For operator comfort, the vehicle includes ample leg room and a full suspension seat with four-way adjustability. Visibility is enhanced with angled tie-bars on both the overhead guard and load backrest extension along with lowered, free-lift mast cylinders. Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., 800-226-0009,

Truck incorporates built-in stability system
Offered in cushion and pneumatic tire classes, the Veracitor VX truck may be specified with a choice of engine options that minimize fuel consumption, reduce noise, and cut maintenance and operating costs. The vehicles are equipped with a built-in, maintenance free stability system to reduce truck lean in turns and improve lateral stability. Features include computer-controlled engine and transmission, durable clutch packs, and strong gears and shafts. To minimize brake usage, the transmission incorporates automatic deceleration to slow the truck upon release of the accelerator pedal. Capacities range from 3,000 to 19,000 pounds. Yale Materials Handling, 800-233-9253,

Pneumatic-tire, IC trucks haul up to 12,000 pounds
Offering capacities from 8,000 to 12,000 pounds, the P8000-P12000 and PD8000-PD12000 series of internal combustion pneumatic tire lift trucks are ideal for lumber, brick and block handling. Ergonomic features include full-suspension seat, LED/LCD display with operator passcode and maintenance reminders, and roomy overhead guarding. The vehicles include two-speed forward and one-speed reverse transmission and hydrostatic power steering. Extended service intervals up to 500 hours reduce downtime and costs. For longer, brighter burning, the trucks are equipped with LED front work lights and rear combination lights. Cat Lift Trucks, 713-365-1000,

Pneumatic tire forklift offered in LP, diesel
The C40/55 pneumatic tire forklift is offered in LP and diesel using a GM 4.3 Vortec engine in the LP and Kubota 3800 in the diesel. LP engines meet ultra-low emission CARB standards for 2010 and the diesels meet EPA Tier 3 low emissions requirements. With capacities ranging from 8,000 to 11,000 pounds, the models use two different wheelbases for a shorter turn radius on smaller versions and increased capacity on the larger units. Both single and dual drive tire configurations are offered. To enhance operator comfort, noise levels and vibration have been reduced through reconfigured transmission mountings and quieter engines. A lowered front cowl and glue-in glass on cab models optimize forward visibility. Clark Material Handling, 866-252-5275,

LP forklift’s engine protected from overheating
The FGC15N-FGC33N series of LP gas lift trucks handle up to 6,500 pounds. Ideal for use in warehousing, durable goods, and food product handling, the trucks include an LCD/LED display panel with operator passcode protection and indicators for fluid and fuel levels. An EPA-compliant engine powers the vehicles, which feature two-speed forward and one-speed reverse transmissions. To prevent overheating, an engine protection system automatically reduces RPMs if coolant temperatures rise too high. The trucks also offer a tilt steering column, operator restraint system, and two forward halogen work lights mounted on the overhead guard. Mitsubishi Forklift, 888-648-5438,

Three-wheeled VNA truck
The AC-powered B3/30 handles up to 3,000 pounds on 24-inch load centers in very narrow aisle applications up to a maximum of 72 inches wide. The three-wheeled vehicle features triple masts with lift heights up to 30 feet, AC traction motor and hydraulic controller and 200-degree articulation for easy load insertion and retrieval from shelving. Reaching speeds of 6 miles per hour for travel, the mast lifts loads at 110 feet per minute. Bendi by Landoll, 785-562-5381,

Walk-behind forklifts reach 130 inches
The AC-powered Big Joe PDS-20 and PDS-25 lift trucks feature heavy duty I-beam mast construction, enhanced ergonomics, and 130 inches of vertical lift. AC drive motors deliver longer run time, faster operating speeds and more flexibility than previous versions. For navigation in tight areas, the vehicles can be switched to creep speed for precise handling with additional operator control. The forklifts can be powered by either four maintenance-free, 6-volt gel batteries or an industrial 12-85-7 battery. Big Lift/EP Group, 630-916-2600,

Multi-directional, side-shifting forklift
The two-wheel drive electric Combi-CB forklift is offered in 5,000- and 6,000-pound capacities. Powered by 48-volt AC technology, the vehicle offers multi-directional operation, a tight turning radius and integrated side shift capability. It may be specified with an open or fully enclosed operator cabin. Combilift USA, 336-314 4262,

Moving mast reach truck for cold-storage use
For use in cold-storage environments, the SR 5000 moving-mast reach truck features a cold store cabin that allows operators to remain productive in temperatures as low as -20°F. The cabin offers visibility from all angles with large, scratch-resistant windows and a clear view mast for easy spotting of the fork tips. For fast defrosting, the windows are heated and can be cleared with intermittent, two-speed electric wipers. Cabin temperature is maintained by electronically controlled twin heaters and fans directed by five adjustable air vents. All moving parts in the vehicle are coated with a specially formulated cold store hydraulic oil and grease. AC-powered, the vehicle’s mast reaches up to 450 inches. Crown Equipment, 419-629-2311,

Outdoor trucks offer three engine options
Offering lifting capacities from 50,000 to 160,000 pounds, the Orion lift truck line for outdoor use includes low overall height, short wheelbase and oversize tires for ground clearance. The vehicles may be equipped with EPA, CARB propane or diesel engines. Hydrostatic drive, a load-sensing hydraulic system and high grade steel frame are standard features. A protected steering cylinder prevents damage, while conveniently grouped controls, load scale interface and easy-to-read dashboard decals help operators work efficiently. The operator’s station can be located on the right or left side, and power shift transmission is optional. High Reach, 905-844-4164,,

Articulated lift truck for very narrow aisles
For very narrow aisle applications as tight as 78 inches wide, an articulated lift truck replaces counterbalanced and reach truck models. Offered in AC electric and LP gas powered versions, the vehicle lifts up to 4,400 pounds to heights in excess of 30 feet. The vehicle incorporates enhanced visibility, traction and maneuverability features. Aisle-Master, 336-378-8884,

Electric swing-mast VNA truck
The electric, AC-powered SLT30AC swing-mast truck is offered with a choice of triple or quad mast for lift heights up to 312 inches. Three-wheeled, the vehicle reaches lift speeds of 110 feet per minute and maximum travel of 7 miles per hour. Features include a 90-degree rotating mast and 20 inches of shift for easy load insertion and retrieval. Optionally, an easy-to-install wire guidance system can direct the truck throughout a facility for steering-free movement. Drexel by Landoll, 785-562-5381,

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