Pallets: Money hiding in plain sight

2015 Pallet Usage & Trending Report Webcast
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The pallet market is plenty mature, but it’s far from static. Even the mix of pallet types in a given facility, particularly if it ships internationally or a customer demands it, could include any size and combination of wood, plastic, new, old, or rental pallets. Whatever the kind, it better be cheap and durable. But if those are the only factors you consider, chances are good you’re leaving money on the table and under the pallet.

Join Modern Materials Handling Senior Editor Josh Bond, and renowned pallet guru and president of White and Company, Marshall White, as they put context behind the findings of the 2015 Pallet Usage and Trending Study.

Attend this session and gain valuable insight on:

  • Trends driving the small but meaningful changes in pallet usage, including alternatives like plastic
  • The most important characteristics that determine whether a pallet will work in your operation
  • How to design a pallet to interact with materials handling and transportation systems
  • Why a pallet might offer more value than you think in a technology-enabled supply chain


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