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Complete news and information on the use of pallets in materials handling and warehousing from the industry experts.

Reusable pallet provider RM2 adds Wayne Cochran as COO
Provider of smart, IoT-enabled pallets adds veteran operations executive

What’s the environmental impact of wood pallets?
They are about as sustainable as anything can get and have a positive impact on the environment. Better yet, that’s provable with a new tool from the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association.

Pallet flow rack as recipe for efficiency
How a five-position high pallet flow rack system enabled a Wisconsin-based food manufacturer to gain the storage density it needed, cut off-site storage needs and streamline workflows.

Nucor announces sustainability program
During ProMat, Nucor Warehouse Systems (Booth S1068) revealed its corporate sustainability and responsibility initiative, known as Closed Loop Sustainability.

PECO Pallet partners with Optilogic for supply chain modeling and optimization
PECO using advanced modeling and cost analysis tools to optimize pallet depot operations, improve network efficiency leading to enhanced customer service and reduced supply chain risks.

60 Seconds with Michael Field, CEO of Raymond Corporation
Modern sat down with Michael Field, President and CEO of Raymond Corporation to discuss the pallet industry.

ORBIS announces leadership changes
Long-time President Bill Ash to retire effective March 31; Norm Kukuk named president

Millwood adds second pallet repair operation in New Jersey
New pallet repair facility marks 37 locations nationwide

Pallet company Kamps, Inc. acquires the business of John Rock, Inc
Acquistion is seen as strengthening the pallet company’s Mid-Atlantic capabilities and enhancing its value chain nationwide.

Orbis exhibits Odyssey plastic pallet
Orbis Corporation (Booth B8419) is showcasing the 40 x 48-inch Odyssey pallet

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Save Space and Reduce Strain with the 4-Way Fork Box Pallet Dispenser
The 4-Way Fork Box Pallet Dispenser offers a new line of pallet dispenser to improve safety while reclaiming space and resources.

Annual Pallet Report 2021: Short Supply Meets High Demand
Demand for pallets is running high, as reflected by pallet use trends from our 2021 survey. However, there was a sharp rise in respondents having issues with availability and cost with used wood pallets, and a modest rise in readers using semi- or fully-automated pallet wrapping equipment.

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Uni-Craft Corp. “Upends” Working Conditions in the Mold Manufacturing Industry
Uni-Craft has designed Pass-Through Upenders to automate the repositioning of a wide range of products from furniture to coils and more.

Supporting the world’s sustainability goals, one pallet at a time
The companies that make, sell or rent pallets are working harder than ever to help customers achieve their supply chain sustainability goals.

Palletizing: 4 trends that boost flexibility
Automated palletizing systems are proven solutions, and they are becoming more flexible in accommodating different SKUs and tasks. Vendors are giving operations plenty of choice, putting more emphasis on software capabilities and ease of use.

ORBIS displays its Odyssey rackable pallet
To support heavy load applications, ORBIS Corporation is presenting its Odyssey rackable pallet, which has been added to its suite of reusable plastic pallet offerings.

Accelerate your Supply Chain with Reusable Plastic Pallets
Attend to learn more about making the switch to plastic pallets to drive automation efficiency, increase plant cleanliness and improve sustainability in your supply chain.

Team Corp. uses 5,000 pallets annually
The manufacturer has since expanded work with a major supermarket company.

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NEW Odyssey Pallet from ORBIS Holds 2,800 lbs in Unsupported Racking
Reusable plastic pallet designed for efficient handling of heavy loads

Annual Pallet Report: 2020’s market evaluation
Modern’s latest reader survey shows just how critical pallets are to the modern warehouse and distribution center.

May 2023 Modern Materials Handling

An iconic American brand is partnering with DHL Supply Chain to build out a network to meet soaring demand. It’s also turning to flexible automation to optimize operations.

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