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Complete coverage of the latest Material Handling technologies with a focus on plastic and nestable pallet totes and wire and mesh bulk containers.

ORBIS hosts third annual golf outing to benefit Children’s Wisconsin
Event raised $330,000 to support practitioners and patients in the Pediatric Simulation and Resuscitation Program

Flexcon showcases variety of containers to support automation
Flexcon Container (Booth S1822) invites 2023 ProMat show attendees to experience the wonderful world of plastic containers, bulk boxes, pallets and accessories.

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. names new president
Mark Lippert becomes just the sixth president in company history

Flexcon showcases new heavy-duty, fast-draining automation totes
Flexcon Container (Booth B7411) is debuting its new line of automation totes that have already saved its clients millions in fire suppression equipment costs in addition to solving their materials handling problems.

Tuggers, carts and casters: Evolving the wheel for automation
Providers of casters and automated carts aren’t quite reinventing the wheel, but they are evolving to better support the move toward automation. That means evolution in terms of caster designs that are maintenance free and easy to roll to support high uptime.

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New Podcast: Tote Stacker vs. Post-Pandemic Surge in Demands
In this podcast, Jim Page, Sales Manager, and Matt Kindt, Application Specialist at Huron Technology Corp., join Michael Levans, Group Editorial Director of Peerless Media's Supply Chain Group, to discuss how e-commerce growth has exaggerated the labor and square footage problems associated with using totes in distribution facilities.

Pack Expo: RPA to host Reusable Packaging Pavilion and Reusable Packaging Learning Center
The Reusable Packaging Association says members are ready to meet, greet, share, and discuss new reusable packaging technologies that have come onto the scene over the last 16 months.

Flexcon exhibits corrugated plastic containers
To help operations solve their issues with limited shelf space, while also ensuring they’re organized in a cost-effective manner, Flexcon Container is displaying its corrugated plastic containers.

Totes, bins and containers: Uncontainable opportunity?
Totes, bins and containers didn’t avoid the coronavirus effect, but the segment adjusts and firmly looks ahead.

What do bulk containers and eaches have in common?
More than you might think, actually. In fact, e-commerce is a hot new application for mobile bulk containers, ergonomically handling items and small boxes that need special attention. It’s the next obvious step after laundry carts. You’ll see.

Caster Concepts acquires Aerol Co., expanding its services to aerospace and defense
Caster Concepts' acquisition of Aerol adds strength as caster manufacturer for military, aerospace and energy industries

SSI Schaefer announces Clear Stream program for reusable containers
The Clear Stream program is launching as part of the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders initiative, which SSI Schaefer has been selected as the only global material handling company to participate.

60 Seconds with John M. Hill
Modern was able to sit down with John M. Hill to discuss the industry and other matters.

Fresh food, anyone? RPCs protect in the supply chain
It’s no small feat to protect sandwiches, snacks and other single-serving food items on their way to a store. But it’s an even better story when the mini plastic containers providing the protection are part of a sustainable, circular supply chain.

ORBIS launches new sustainability initiative to repurpose coastline waste
New recycled plastic material from coastline waste broadens sustainable packaging product line

ORBIS sponsors online automotive packaging program
New certificate provides comprehensive insights into automotive packaging supply chain

Tank Holding acquires Meese
The Meese acquisition also provides some intriguing synergy opportunities with one of Tank Holding’s other recent acquisitions, Chemtainer, who is another major player in the laundry linen, and broader material handling market.

Top 10 Trends in Totes, Bins and Containers for 2020
Here’s what shippers are asking for and how suppliers are delivering on those requests to make totes, bins and containers that can meet the rigors of today’s warehousing and DC environments.

Versatile carts selected for two new manufacturing plants
New carts designed for rapid reconfiguration support, flexible operations.

Caster rig improves tire manufacturer’s initial push force
The maintenance-free caster rig features premier ergonomic wheels.

September 2023 Modern Materials Handling

Providers of automated packaging and carton right-sizing solutions have thrived by offering systems that deliver on labor and parcel shipment savings— now they’re looking to further evolve by looking to use lighter materials and support flexible “box-first” workflows.

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