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Comprehensive news on the most advanced systems for automated data collection technologies in use in warehouses and distribution centers.

Loftware enters global technology alliance with Toshiba
Agreement covers development, support, and approval of Toshiba drivers for Loftware NiceLabel labeling and print Solutions

Barcoding, Inc. acquires Procensis, Inc.
Supply chain solution provider Barcoding expands enterprise mobility services with latest acquisition

AIM welcomes 2023 Industry Group chairs
AIM, the leading industry association and global authority for 50 years in innovation, standards, and solutions in barcode, biometrics, IoT, NFC, RFID, RTLS, and RAIN, welcomes incoming industry group chairs to lead initiatives in visibility technologies, RFID, and technical symbologies. 

Survey: cloud seen as preferred deployment method for labeling challenges
In survey of nearly 500 professionals, 71% of companies report cloud/hybrid will be preferred method for labeling in next three years

EPG’s new voice solution gains certified by SAP status
Ehrhardt Partner Group's new voice solution, Lydia Voice 9, was formally certified by SAP with SAP S/4HANA and SAP NetWeaver for Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

Barcoding, Inc., acquires AGV provider FRED Automation
This acquisition represents continued expansion and investment in industrial automation for Barcoding, Inc.

The data capture evolution
While it’s not time to say, “move over bar codes,” newer forms of data capture technology are starting to see use and promise more operational visibility with fewer manually triggered data collection tasks. This range of ADC solutions can help diverse DC fulfillment processes, from tracking goods, to knowing their condition, or gaining insights on cycle times and throughput.

MHPN - Material Handling 24/7: Readers’ Choice Products of the Year 2021 Winners
Material Handling Product News and are pleased to announce the recipients of a 2021 MHPN Products of the Year Readers' Choice Award.

Top 20 Automatic Identification and Data Capture Suppliers 2021
With supply chains in disarray and the labor shortage persisting, companies across the board are turning to automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions to help them work smarter, better and faster.

The Cold Hard Facts: Using Rugged Mobile Computers in Cold Environments
We will help you answer the question: are you prepared to be as efficient, accurate, and connected as possible in sub-zero areas?

AIM North America: New board chair and board members announced
New appointees will enhance the board’s focus on standards, interoperability, and innovation.

Transform Your Line Operations
The latest Edge Computing white paper from Cognex breaks down the following areas so you can learn what to do for your organization.

AIM opens 2021 industry Case Study Competition
In its ninth year, the AIM Case Study Competition will award prizes in four distinct categories recognizing those who have developed and delivered cutting edge solutions.

Turck exhibits its PD67 handheld RFID reader
Turck is displaying its PD67 handheld RFID reader during ProMatDX.

Zebra showcases picking solutions for warehouses of all sizes
At ProMatDX this week, Zebra Technologies is demonstrating how its picking technologies can help warehouses increase order fulfillment without expanding their workforce.

Lucas Systems previews new AI-based tools
At ProMatDX, Lucas Systems is previewing new AI-based tools that are being rolled out in the Lucas warehouse optimization suite featuring Jennifer Intelligence.

Warehouse Mobility Makes a Move
Mobile devices are getting significant upgrades that will improve point-of-use and enterprise productivity. Advances range from the move to Android systems to a consolidation of form factors while trying out some new ones, and the debut of platforms that make the link to enterprise systems.

Data capture takes on processes, people and assets
Best known for its ability to identify and track inventory, data capture technologies of all types are being swept into a far more powerful information web. The idea is to use the technology to improve processes through improved deployment of people and assets.

AIM announces new board of directors members
AIM adds three new members to the Board of Directors team

Top 20 Automatic Identification and Data Capture Suppliers 2020
As warehouse and DC operators find new ways to manage the impacts of the global pandemic, automatic identification and data capture solutions continue to play an important role in their digital transformation journeys.

May 2023 Modern Materials Handling

An iconic American brand is partnering with DHL Supply Chain to build out a network to meet soaring demand. It’s also turning to flexible automation to optimize operations.

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