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Comprehensive news and articles about maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) for warehouses and distribution centers.

Building (and maintaining) your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) tech workforce
The story for finding and retaining techs continues to be challenging, but manageable.

The power side of lift truck battery and charger maintenance
Why best practices in battery and charger maintenance are essential to lift truck fleet operations and costs.

Best Practices: The new look of MRO parts management
With supply chain pressures mounting, now is a good time to evaluate your MRO parts management operation and determine if it needs some new best practices.

Autonomous Cleaning Bots: Coming to your DHL neighborhood facility
From Alberta to Australia, DHL has moved to autonomous bots for cleaning the floors of its facilities of all sizes and levels of activity. It’s a story of advanced technology and collaboration to maximize floor cleanliness without compromising safety or efficiency.

DSV Canada employs autonomous floor scrubbing robot
At DSV Canada’s head office and multi-client logistics facility near Toronto, Ontario, the use of a fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot solution has saved hundreds of hours in labor and allows one robot to efficiently clean the facility with minimal custodian oversight.

For MRO remote is more than just a concept
Covid was a catalyst and advanced technology the enabler that made remote MRO training and support a force to be reckoned with. And not just until the danger of Covid passes. Remote MRO is here to stay.

Flexibility meets ease of maintenance
A new wrap around case packing system provides the flexibility to process multiple bottle formats and case styles for pet products manufacturer Hartz Mountain while offering ease of maintenance.

Reader survey: The struggle to find and retain techs continues
A new survey shows that the problem of finding the right people to maintain lift trucks and automated systems remains. But the introduction of some new certification programs is likely to ease the burden.

CMMS takes aim at predictive maintenance
Computerized maintenance management systems are emerging as the backbone for leveraging data about materials handling equipment on the road to predictive maintenance. Key words here are: digital, data analytics and Internet of Things. If that sounds futuristic, it is. But you also need to get on board.

Maintaining your MRO team during Covid
For maintenance teams, the pandemic is about much more than just PPE and protocols. More complete data, virtual meetings, tightly focused service calls and personal support for everyone on the team are the essential ingredients for success.

WESCO and Anixter to host virtual safety and MRO event
On December 16, facility managers, safety leaders, MRO decision makers and procurement team members can learn how to adapt and grow businesses in today’s new and dynamic work environment while keeping teams safe and productive.

MRO: Planning for peak demand season
There’s no time quite like peak, regardless of how long it lasts. Upfront maintenance planning is essential to making it through with as little downtime as possible. And so is ownership of the challenge by your tech teams to keep all equipment—from lift trucks to automated systems—humming when the orders never seem to stop.

MRO: Rethinking warehouse equipment maintenance
Your life at home and the office is highly digital already. Maintenance is rapidly getting to the same point. It starts with training and extends all the way to well-maintained equipment. Don’t miss the turn.

The Post-Pandemic Distribution Center
As the economy begins to recover, distribution center operators will be challenged with not just operating efficiently, but safely. Emerging technologies may aid in the effort.

Is your automation technician certified?
Probably not unless your company developed a course, taught it and certified the graduates. But now, an alternative path exists. A national certification for automation techs does all the hard work for you, and it has three levels that allows techs to develop skills and their career path.

MHS introduces online parts ordering
Website provides customers with easy access to entire spare parts catalog

MRO: The challenges of moving from preventative to predictive maintenance
A grounding in data analytics and its importance to proper maintenance is especially critical with advanced equipment.

Librestream makes remote expert app free to assist with Covid-19 challenges
Librestream enables businesses to maintain operational continuity and worker safety during Covid-19 pandemic.

Best Practices: Warehouse Floor Maintenance 101
Sweep before you scrub, buy equipment that’s easy to use, and strive for three Michelin stars when developing a strategy to keep your warehouse and DC floors clean and clear of debris.

AccuSpeechMobile expands voice automated workflow reach with support for iOS mobile devices
The new support for iOS allows organizations to voice optimize operational workflows in the warehouse, field and plant running on Apple mobile devices.

May 2023 Modern Materials Handling

An iconic American brand is partnering with DHL Supply Chain to build out a network to meet soaring demand. It’s also turning to flexible automation to optimize operations.

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