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Comprehensive news on pallet rack and shelving and static storage solutions in use in warehouses and distribution centers.

Wize Solutions acquires Warehouse Equipment Contractors, Inc.
Deal to Provide WIZE with Additional Experienced Southern California Warehouse Installation Teams

Getting warehouse rack systems right
Rack systems can be a facility’s most important silent partner. But getting it right requires a plan and some expertise. Don’t be afraid to invest in both.

Pallet flow rack as recipe for efficiency
How a five-position high pallet flow rack system enabled a Wisconsin-based food manufacturer to gain the storage density it needed, cut off-site storage needs and streamline workflows.

Material handling integrator takes on established industrial rack repair line
National Rack Repair, Indiana-based integrator, now the North American home for Rack Avenger repair brand

Best practices in rack safety
You may only think of racks as a place to store product. But unpack rack safety, and it’s easy to see that it also has an impact on people and equipment in the warehouse.

RAMGuard demonstrates rack column protection capabilities
This week at ProMatDX, the patented RAMGuard, a rubber guard that features a “U-shaped” steel insert, along with force distributing rubber voids, is being exhibited.

Steel King presents NexCaliber Structures
During ProMatDX, Steel King Industries is introducing NexCaliber Structures—systems that offer turnkey solutions for engineered elevated work platforms.

Hannibal Industries discusses its growth due to e-commerce
During ProMatDX, Hannibal Industries has been discussing its growth in a variety of areas, which it anticipates it will maintain throughout 2021.

A year of change for warehouse rack and shelving
Finding themselves in the throes of an e-commerce boom and behind the eight ball, more companies are rethinking their rack and shelving to make way for more SKUs while also adhering to workplace social distancing rules.

Other Voices: How to meet peak product demand with efficient pallet flow rack
Dynamic racking speeds product loading and unloading, while minimizing labor and maximizing storage.

Warehouse with a life-saving mission
In Jacksonville, Coca-Cola Florida had just opened an upgraded high-density overflow warehouse when it took on a mission never imagined during its design—supplying beverages for a pandemic. Preparedness and simplicity are key to its success under dire circumstances.

Steel King announces SK2000 closed-tube roll form rack systems
Steel King (Booth 7829) will be showcasing its patented pallet rack and custom shipping rack solutions at Modex.

Körber and Twinlode announce new strategic partnership
Körber Supply Chain (Booth 7678) and Twinlode Automation just announced a partnership that will expand their respective capabilities to provide more comprehensive solutions to companies in North America that want to build smarter, more efficient automated warehouse environments.

Frazier demonstrates three new innovative structural designs
Frazier Industrial Company (Booth 8288) is demonstrating three new wire screen designs at Modex.

ProGMA publishes an American National Standard
During a Monday press conference at Modex, the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA), an industry group of MHI (Booth 4071), revealed its recent publishing of an American National Standard.

Cubic Designs, Mezzanine Europe & Mezzanine International are now MiTek Mezzanine Systems
he existing management teams and staff in all regions will be working together to create solutions to larger challenges in the material handling and logistics industries.

Other Voices: Tips for effective warehouse numbering schemes
Best practices in location slotting system can lead to increased accuracy, higher efficiency and labor savings.

ProGMA announces the publication of ANSIMH31.1-2019
The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA), an industry group of MHI, has published an American National Standard to address performance and testing of steel mesh containment panels used in pallet rack and vertical storage system applications.

Warehouse rack design: A static fade
In the changing landscape of warehouses and DCs, facilities are taking a look at rack design and safety as an integral part of operations as they prepare for the future.

Rack and shelving market reaching new highs
Focused on maximizing existing floor space and going up as high as possible, companies are poised to keep rack and shelving providers’ order pipelines brimming during the year ahead.

September 2023 Modern Materials Handling

Providers of automated packaging and carton right-sizing solutions have thrived by offering systems that deliver on labor and parcel shipment savings— now they’re looking to further evolve by looking to use lighter materials and support flexible “box-first” workflows.

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