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Packaging Issue: Positive results are front and center
One of our favorite traditions at Modern is our annual Packaging Issue designed to coincide with PMMI’s Pack Expo, the association’s trade show that this year will run Sept. 11-13 in Las Vegas.

Autobaggers: Out with plastic, in with paper
At least for e-commerce delivery mailers and bags, that is. Both Amazon and Walmart are making the transition as paper-based autobagger suppliers bring on new machines. It won’t all happen tomorrow, but the trend line is set.

Leasing’s fleet management upside
Besides ensuring access to newer trucks, leasing processes and contracts help operations adjust their fleet assets to changes in application needs.

60 Seconds with Mike Field, President and CEO of Raymond’s University Research Program
Modern's editors sat down with Mike Field to discuss to discuss Raymond’s University Research Program

Parcel automation delivers on two fronts for 3PL
Third-party logistics company iForce deployed an automated packaging solution to provide the speed and labor efficiencies needed to keep up with new picking automation, while the solution’s carton right-sizing also improves the customer experience.

13th-annual Lift Truck Issue: Make the most of your fleet
This marks the 13th year we’ve focused the majority of this issue on the latest technology and best practice developments revolving around the steadfast workhorse of the materials handling market, the lift truck.

NA and VNA trucks: Jumping on the narrow aisle trend
It seems so many roads lead to smaller warehouse footprints, increased storage density and flexibility to meet order fulfillment needs. Narrow aisle and very narrow aisle trucks are addressing these needs while maximizing operator safety and trust while working at elevated heights.

60 Seconds with Steve Harrington, Industry Liaison at the National Center for Supply Chain Automation
Modern's editor sat down with Steve Harrington to discuss the National Center for Supply Chain Automation.

Managing for lift truck operator safety
Sure, lift truck operators are on the front lines of safe operation, but having a strong safety program takes plenty of management involvement as well. Importance of forklift safety programs.

Labels for those really, really, really tough apps
Not every label carries only a bar code. Others that must survive the life of the product also have critical part data and even safety precautions. Here’s how one company has made meeting these demands its mission.

Narrow aisle success: Think systems, then trucks
Lift truck OEMs offer various trucks suited to narrow aisle and very narrow aisle (VNA) layouts, but it pays to analyze all factors before focusing on specific trucks.

Technology & Innovation Issue: Transformation inspiration
So, if you’re looking for transformation inspiration, then July is your month. 

60 Seconds With Maxim Khabur, MHI’s Advanced Energy Council
Modern's editor sat down with Maxim Khabur, Marketing Director of MHI's Advanced Energy Council to discuss the council and new emerging energy technologies.

2023 Virtual Summit: Orchestration front & center
Keep an eye open for your personal virtual summit invitation coming soon—this is solid advice you’ll want to put to work.

Standing at the intersection of pallets & automated equipment
As more companies invest in warehouse automation, the ones that select and design their pallets early in the game are coming out winners.

Ergonomics as a retention factor
In tough times for attracting operators, having a fleet with operator- and application-appropriate comfort factors can help.

The beauty of integrated pack and ship
Sam’s Beauty doubles order fulfillment productivity with an integrated pack and ship system and software.

60 Seconds with Brian Feehan, President of Industrial Truck Association (ITA)
Our editor sat down with Brian Feehan, President of Industrial Truck Association (ITA) to discuss the association and National Forklift Safety Day

Robotics: Enthusiasm is translating into investment
This issue was designed to be a bit of a primer, a push to inspire those readers who’ve been on the fence, but are now moving forward on their plans to evaluate and apply some level of robotics and automation into their operations.

Materials handling robot basics
Are you ready? It’s time. Here’s a very short course on what robots can do and why you need to consider them to be part of your materials handling mix going forward. Warehouse Robotics Basics. Learn about the basics of robotics in the warehouse and distribution center.

September 2023 Modern Materials Handling

Providers of automated packaging and carton right-sizing solutions have thrived by offering systems that deliver on labor and parcel shipment savings— now they’re looking to further evolve by looking to use lighter materials and support flexible “box-first” workflows.

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